Why Surgical Gowns Are A Type of COVID-19 PPE Our Healthcare System Needs

Face masks and gloves are the most sought-after COVID-19 PPE in Canada. Face shields and safety goggles are also very sought-after. A type of personal protective equipment we don’t usually hear about are surgical gowns.

Let’s be clear. There’s no reason for the average Canadian to be walking around wearing a surgical gown. That said, physicians, nurses, hospital admins, dentists, and anyone working in a medical clinic has different needs.

Surgical gowns are vital protective gear for anyone around or treating COVID-19 patients. Identical to how they are used with general medical procedures, surgical gowns protect healthcare staff when they are working around or on a COVID-19 patient.

Surgical gowns are an absolute necessity if you’re putting someone onto a ventilator, for resuscitation, or for an operation.

A symptomatic COVID-19 patient who has been hospitalized is the most contagious state the coronavirus can be in. The virus is transferred through infected droplets from the mouth. When someone coughs, sneezes, or even opening their mouth to speak, droplets can come out and land on clothing.

Without a surgical gown, if a healthcare worker gets COVID-19 droplets on their clothing, they carry that around from person-to-person. This is ultimately how hospital outbreaks in Canada occurred. It was through person-to-person spread.

Surgical gowns cut down on the risk because they are disposable. A healthcare worker wears theirs and then, it can be disposed of. Anything on it is gone with the gown. When you wear traditional hospital clothing that isn’t a surgical gown, the risk of virus transmission is higher.

Arguably, face masks and safety goggles for hospital workers are more important. They protect the mouth, eyes, and nose from those droplets. They are also more inexpensive and easier to manufacture by many standards.

Surgical gowns are equally important though. Our front-line workers in healthcare – doctors, nurses, and other staff – cannot get infected with COVID-19. Some have, unfortunately. A percentage of these have passed away because of it.

If Canada’s public and private healthcare agencies are serious about protecting their staff, surgical gowns have to factor in. Any aerosol-generating procedures also need them, such as dentists.

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Featured photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

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