Pour-Over Coffee FAQ – What Is it, How to Make It, and How It Tastes

Pour-over coffee is similar to drip coffee. Coffee machines essentially do the pour-over for you. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always spread the water evenly across the beans. Pour-over coffee supplies you with the kettle and gives you control over the pour. This means a more equal distribution of water and a tastier brew.

What Do You Use to Make Pour-Over Coffee?

To make pour-over coffee, you have to use a pour-over kettle and coffee dripper filter. It’s recommended for the kettle to have a built-in thermometer to ensure the correct temperature has been reached. Another keyword to look for is ‘gooseneck spout’. This is what gives you maximum control over the pour.

Do You Really Need a Gooseneck Kettle for Pour-Over Coffee?

If quality matters, yes. If you don’t use a kettle with a thermometer, you’re estimating. If a gooseneck kettle isn’t being used, you have less control over flow. Making pour-over coffee will be harder to do without one.

What Kind of Coffee Beans Should I Use to Make Pour-Over Coffee?

You can use any kind of coffee beans as long as they’ve been finely grounded. For this reason, some enjoy using an electric coffee grinder to make sure of this. The finer the grind, the less contact time required to brew it. If you find your pour-over coffee is thin, weak, or plain sour, grinding the beans finer is how to fix it.

How Much Water Do I Use to Make Pour-Over Coffee and What Temperature?

To make a general cup of coffee, roughly 60g, about 1 liter of water will be used. The best temperature for brewing pour-over coffee varies according to who you talk to. Many will say between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, there are others who suggest water right off boiling, a la 210 degrees Fahrenheit, is best.

What is the Best Technique to Make Pour-Over Coffee?

How to make pour-over coffee varies according to the kettle you buy but some basics exist. Put your coffee filter into the brewing cone. Rinse it with hot water and dispose of the rinse water. Now, add coffee beans. Start the timer. Pour roughly 15% of your brew water evenly over the grounds. After 30 seconds, add more water. Keep a slow and even pour, and continue pouring until you’ve reached your desired ratio. Total brew time is often 4-5 minutes.

How Does Pour-Over Coffee Taste?

Pour-over coffee can taste more flavorful than other types of coffee because the pour is even, manually done. Is pour-over coffee the best coffee you can make – some will certainly argue this to be true.

You don’t have to go to a self-proclaimed barista for ‘the best coffee’. You can get it in your kitchen with the right tools. Shop your pour-over coffee kettle and more from Living.ca.

Featured photo by rocknwool on Unsplash

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