Where to Buy Cheap High-Quality Batteries in Canada

As far as tech has come, a lot of products still require batteries to work. Unfortunately, a lot of stores price batteries unreasonably high. The more you buy, the better the deal. Not every household needs 30 batteries at a time, however.

Where to buy cheap batteries in Canada is Living.ca. As a go-to household brand, Living.ca provides Canadians high-quality home products in a variety of categories from storage and organization to gardening, pet supplies, small kitchen appliances, and more.

To keep your home electronics and gadgets running smoothly, check out these Living.ca deals on batteries.

  • AAA alkaline batteries (set of eight for $4.79) come in paper box packaging and are priced at a more affordable per-battery rate than what you’ll find at any Walmart, Canadian Tire, or similar retailer.
  • AAA alkaline batteries (set of 20 for $7.19) is an even better deal and is a great buy for anyone who intends to use their batteries regularly. Your price-per-battery is even lower, with paper packaging as well.
  • AA alkaline batteries (set of eight for $4.79) are long-lasting, contain zero mercury, and come in paper packaging which once again has helped us to cut down on expenses. Living.ca has got you covered for all your battery needs.
  • AA alkaline batteries (set of 20 for $7.19) offer a lower price-per-battery and performs exceptionally well, identical to brand names like Duracell and Energizer among others. Other than price, there’s virtually no difference in the batteries offered between Living.ca and major brands.
  • 9V alkaline batteries (set of two for $4.79) provide long-lasting power you can count on. Designed to protect against risk of damage, this pair of 9V alkaline batteries are just a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay for non-Living.ca brands
  • Lithium coin cell batteries (set of four for $2.39) work well for calculators, watches, thermometers, and more. Thousands of electronic devices use lithium batteries. For the best deals on lithium coin cell batteries, you’ve got to go with Living.ca.

We don’t like seeing Canadians pay more than they need to for batteries, just because of graphics on the packaging. Brands like Panasonic, Energizer, and Duracell are expensive yet measuring performance, their batteries are identical or near-identical with more affordable batteries from Living.ca.

Anywhere in Canada, if you’re looking for the best AAA batteries, AA batteries, lithium cell batteries, or 9V alkaline batteries, Living.ca is exactly where to look. Equip your tech with the consistent battery power they need to operate at full capacity. Check us out today.

Featured photo by Andreea Ch from Pexels

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