Reusable Cotton Face Mask or Disposable Face Mask – Pros And Cons

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of attention was paid to disposable personal protective equipment (PPE). This included disposable face masks, including N95, KN95, and medical-grade face masks.

A major shortage of PPE led to people making face masks at home, using cotton and other materials. There are a lot of advantages to reusable face masks as there are advantages to disposable face masks. Here is our breakdown ‘pros-and-cons’ style on why they’re both tremendous options for day-to-day COVID-19 protection.

Pro – Reusable Face Masks Cause Less Waste

Although disposable face masks aren’t significant in the waste they produce, we’re throwing them out by the hundreds of thousands every day. In medical and healthcare settings, a disposable face mask is necessary but in non-healthcare environments, a reusable mask saves waste.

Con – Reusable Masks Don’t Always Work

If you make a reusable mask out of the wrong material, it could actually attract and retain coronavirus droplets as opposed to protecting you and others from them. For a reusable face mask, consider high-quality materials like cotton only.

Pro – Disposable Face Masks Don’t Need Disinfecting

Wearing reusable face masks, you have to disinfect them properly before re-wearing them. Disposable face masks do not require any sort of disinfecting. They don’t create more work for a wearer. You simply take one out, put it on, and wear it until it’s no longer usable at which time, tossing it out is the way to go.

Con – Disposable Face Masks Are Expensive

Disposable masks come in large packs of 50-pieces which increases the cost of purchase significantly. That said, the cost per mask for a disposable design is far, far lower than what one invests in a reusable mask. A reusable mask is less expensive if you are a single person but in a family where you have multiple people needing masks, you may find it justifiable the cost of disposable masks.

Pro – Reusable Face Masks Are Built Better

Reusable face masks have to be able to withstand disinfectant and everyday use. Disposable masks can be uncomfortable to wear because of how they’re designed. A reusable design is comfortable and feels better on the skin. You may not encounter the same irritation wearing a reusable mask as you would with a non-reusable.

Pro – You Don’t Have to Worry About Running Out with Reusables

A reusable cotton face mask you have forever. You can use it again and again. You’re not going to encounter the issues others may which are ‘limited quantity’ purchases or shortages. We don’t know what the future holds for PPE manufacturing and purchasing in Canada. It may be recommended to consider a reusable face mask for safety.

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