See A List of Fun Summer Activities to do While Maintaining Social Distancing

This summer, it’s risk vs. reward across Canada when it comes to having fun. With COVID-19 prominent in our society, one might think there’s a lot of summer fun activities you won’t be allowed to do. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case.

While it’s true that some settings will be shut down for public safety, there’s still a lot of summer activities that can be done in public or one’s backyard while maintaining COVID-19 social distancing standards. Here’s just a few of our ideas, courtesy of our staff at


If you’re a fitness enthusiast and struggling to make sense of the lack of gym facilities available, summer bike rides are a great investment. Pick a trail and go. See a little bit of the wilderness, getting in your exercise and keeping your heart rate up in this very challenging time. Add an adjustable bike wall mount, a hoist lift ceiling hanger, an air pump, and more.


Out in the wilderness, you can get away from all the work, hardship, worrying, and COVID-19 trouble. Grab your best camping essentials and give it a go. From, get fire starters, mosquito jackets, outdoor trail marking tape, PVC waterproof bags, a waterproof outdoor backpack, camping emergency survival blankets, and more.

Have Fun in the Pool

In many areas of Canada, beaches and public pools aren’t going to be open anytime soon. Backyard pools, however, don’t have to go away. If you don’t already have your own, considering a pool purchase can make things significantly more enjoyable for the family. Add to that your favourite backyard pool essentials like inflatables, swim floats, safety vests, swim rings, and more. You’ve got a winner!

Find Your Own Private-Public Watering Spot

If you live near woods, parks, or a body of water, grab the family and head out. Grab a two-person river raft tube float to enjoy some time on the water, an inflatable party cooler for beverages, or a three-person inflatable boat with oars. Rural homeowners can take full advantage of the beauty that surrounds them or for those far away, a road trip within your province isn’t out of the question.

Re-Design Your Backyard

Condo owners and apartment dwellers don’t have the advantage of a backyard but some households do. If you do, take the summer to invest in creating your own private oasis. Simple additions like patio umbrellas and Nylon hammocks are a great start. Next, get a BBQ with essentials like BBQ extension forks, BBQ curved handle grill brushes, a heat resistant grill mat, and reusable steel skewers.

This summer is yours to explore. Just because we have to maintain social distancing, it doesn’t mean the whole summer’s a wash. Can you go to the beach – probably not. But you can celebrate at home with those you are closest with. Make it fun! Visit to see our summertime essentials and more.

Featured Photo by Jeff Isaak on Unsplash

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