What is a Fingertip Pulse Oximeter – A Tool in the Coronavirus Pandemic

Pulse oximeters haven’t received the attention they may very well warrant in the fight to limit transmission of the coronavirus. As a low-cost medical tool, fingertip pulse oximeters have seen high demand and that’s understandable.

A fingertip pulse oximeter you clip over the finger. Then, light is transmitted from sensors through the finger, from one side of the device to the other. In a few seconds, it calculates the oxygen amount being transported in the blood and delivers this information in a percentage. A percentage of 94 and above is normal. Lower levels of oxygen can mean less oxygen in one’s tissues and kidneys, potentially leading to death.

Pulse oximeters are used at home by everyone from patients with chronic lung conditions to performance athletes. For people who are recommended to monitor their oxygen levels, an oximeter’s very important.

As COVID-19 spreads, a number of things can happen in the body including some very serious complications. It has been found COVID-19 can impact the body’s ability to oxygenate, something which a pulse oximeter would pick up. Even if you aren’t short of breath or are experiencing traditional coronavirus symptoms, if you have low blood oxygen levels, you could be headed towards a major crisis.

Medical-grade pulse oximeters used in hospitals tend to cost up to $200 and sometimes more. Those purchase for consumer use at home are a quarter of the expense and just as accurate. Doctor visits that have now gone virtual have meant devices like pulse oximeters providing a tremendous value in helping them monitor a patient.

The reading on an oximeter can fluctuate and so do not panic if your blood oxygen is low. Placement of the device, whether you’re sitting or standing, and the altitude you live at can impact the measurement. Artificial nails and nail polish, cold hands, and poor circulation can impact the measurement as well.

Unfortunately, finding a COVID-19 pulse oximeter is difficult because places like Walmart are completely sold out and there’s no telling when they may be in stock again. For Living.ca, oximeters are in our warehouse and we have them in inventory. They’re a fast, reliable way to measure oxygen as well as get your heart rate. It’s a one-button device for under $50 with free shipping. If you think you’re at risk for low oxygen in the blood, getting a pulse oximeter could potentially save your life.

Stop by Living.ca today to find all sorts of COVID-19 essentials, from face masks to fingertip pulse oximeters. If you have an underlying health condition, are particularly concerned about coronavirus and the impact it could have on your health, and/or are recovering from COVID-19, a pulse oximeter certainly has value.

Featured Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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