Inflatable Boat or River Raft Tube Float – Find Out Which is Better!

This summer, you’re going to get together with friends. You may hit up a local lake, stream, watering hole, or river. Bringing with you some tube floats or inflatables can add a lot to your adventure.

You don’t want to be bringing no dinky pool floats, either. You want an inflatable that’s built to tolerate the conditions of a lake or stream. The conditions of the water will be your guide to whether you go the way of an inflatable river raft tube float or an inflatable boat.

Why A River Raft Tube Float Works

A river raft tube float is the least expensive of the two, with an inflatable boat being twice the expense.

A river raft is meant for lounging in a large pool, lake, or river. It can be used for some travel, however, isn’t designed for long journeys. Now, because they are meant more for lounging, inflatable river rafts often come with backrests and more comfortable seating.

If you aren’t sure at the end of this article which is better between a river raft and an inflatable boat, go with a river raft. Try it. You may find it’s all you need. For you and a friend lounging in summer, there’s nothing comfier.

Why An Inflatable Boat is Right For You

An inflatable boat is like having a real boat except you’re in an inflatable which means more affordable and easier to carry. Different models exist, ranging from two-people to three-people and above.

Inflatable boats are directional and they often come with oars. If you’re looking to move throughout the water instead of lounging in a single area, a boat presents a stronger argument than a river raft tube float will.

Beyond going down a river or stream on an inflatable, people also use it to go fishing. A high-quality inflatable boat is comfortable, portable, and ultimately is a great introduction to getting to experience a boat without investing all of the cost.

Which is Better – An Inflatable Boat or River Raft Tube Float

The debate comes down to three things – cost, quality, and purpose. If you’re looking for something cheap but high-quality, go with a river raft tube float which will save you a lot of expense.

If you’re buying purely on quality, there’s no question that an inflatable boat is far better. Two-person inflatable boats and three-person inflatable boats are designed for directional travel on water and wear-and-tear. They’re built with thick plastic, convenient design features, and comfortability in mind.

Find both at You can pick up an inflatable boat for your next river fishing adventure or use a river raft tube float to take in the sun on a quiet summer’s day. The choice is yours.

Featured Photo by Geoffrey Werner from Pexels

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