What to Buy A Dad for Father’s Day For Under $25

Dad aren’t generic and so neither should their gifts be. Fret not if you have not yet started your Father’s Day shopping. Living.ca has dug deep into its catalogue pulling out the best gifts for under $25 any Dad will love. All these gifts stood out to us for their uniqueness, Dad-appropriateness, and affordability. Check ‘em out exclusively through Living.ca.

24 LED Patio Lights

Deco Lite has produced a very cool lighting source designed to be used under outdoor patio umbrellas and camping tents. A 24-LED patio umbrella lights is portable and able to be more or less anywhere a Dad wants to put them.

Resistance Bands

If your Dad likes exercising and working out, regardless of where he is right now in Canada, investing effort to get into a gym is in vain. Doing exercise at home has been the norm for weeks. One way to up your Dad’s game or to offer up a new fitness challenge is to gift him resistance bands.

Tabletop Bamboo Wine Rack

Wine your Dad wants to show off or be ready to pull out at a moment’s notice should have somewhere to be on display. A tabletop bamboo wine rack from Living.ca has space for maximum eight bottles of wine. It isn’t too big or small and is an eco-friendly decorative rack suitable for any wine-lover’s home.

PVC Waterproof Bags

Any Dad who enjoys camping, fishing, or being outdoors, there’s always a risk of rain and wet conditions. A PVC waterproof bag gives him a place to put his gear and essentials so that no damage befalls them when he’s out and about in the wilderness.

3-Tier Metal Spice Rack

For Dads who love to experiment with different spice mixes and coming up with their own deep-fried or BBQ chicken recipes, this trendy spice jar organizer is a convenient way to store his absolute favourite spices.

8” Luxury Rainfall Shower Head

Up your Dad’s bathroom aesthetic with either a round or square rainfall showerhead. They’re inexpensive and can save water while changing the dynamic of what it is to take a regular shower. Comfortable and easy to install, it’s an unexpected Father’s Day gift that he can use every day.

Camping 2-in-1 Fire Starter

If your Dad’s always reaching for a lighter to get his camping fire started, here’s a traditional camping 2-in-1 fire starter. It’s easy to use, will save the expense on buying lighters, and is a nostalgic nod to the past.

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