What to Look For In A Camping Tent

Camping can be chaos, especially when you’re with friends or family. Unexpected situations present themselves. You find out you forgot a camping essential back home. Someone’s not having a good time.

A comfortable heavy-duty high-quality camping tent makes the world of difference when camping’s not going so well. For all involved – including yourself – invest in a decent sized tent. Though not as trendy as other camping gear, the tent is a constant need.


Prepare for the worst. If you’re camping for a week or longer, eventually, you’re going to experience wet conditions. A tent is your protection. You don’t want any tears in the fabric, of course, and you also want a waterproof material to surround yourself with.

The Right Size

Consider how many people are coming and everything you’re bringing. If you don’t have protection for your gear, it will be exposed to whatever nature brings. A waterproof camping tent should accommodate you, what you’re bringing, and be comfortable enough for everyone to have space to stretch out and sleep.


Especially if you’re hiking or on a trail deep into the woods, you want your tent to be light to transport. There’s a reason why most tents are almost as light as a feather and need stakes positioned in the ground to hold them in place. The lighter they are, the easier to carry.


You want air circulation to come in and out, without tagging on insects and mosquitoes. A camping tent with a screen on it can help to keep fresh air moving through while offering protection against pests. You don’t want to be breathing in recycled air all night or swatting at mosquitoes while you sleep. Most tents, fortunately, all have screens built into their design.


Cheap tents are single-layer. More durable tents are double-layer. This doesn’t just strengthen material for wear-and-tear. It also provides some climate control. Double-layer polyester can block up to 80% of UV rays during the day and help to keep warmth overnight.

Interior Pockets

When it comes down to features to look for in a camping tent, interior pockets are the most requested. Pockets can be used to store glasses, smartphones, a light source, or portable items. Though not a necessity, they make the camping experience easier and can keep valuables – glasses, etc. – off the floor and somewhere safe.

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Photo by Lisbeth Bringebøen from Pexels

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