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Father’s Day is almost here. In fact, it’s Sunday, June 21! Yikes, so close! If you haven’t bought a gift yet, know that has a ton of last-minute Father’s Day gifts on sale that you can pick up this week. These thoughtful gifts all come with priority shipping and have been selected by’s editorial team.

Kitchen And Bath Fixtures

If you want to do some DIY with or for Dad, upgrading his kitchen or bathroom fixtures is a gift someone can appreciate for days on end. Many kitchen and bathroom fixtures are over $100. Fortunately, some kitchen and bath fixtures under $50 work just as well, and can still be an improvement over what he has right now.

Bamboo Coffee Pod Holder

A coffee pod storage holder organizer made from bamboo is a great gift for Dads who are addicted to coffee pods or to facilitate an introduction to using Nespresso pods. With a clear acrylic top and a design that easily slides into a drawer, keep his single-serve coffee together. Alternatively, if he prefers K-cups, also has a similar designed 36-capacity bamboo K-cup organizer.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Some may see an essential oil diffuser as more of a ‘Mother’s Day gift’ than for Dad but don’t make that assumption just yet. This wood-grain multi-color setting aromatherapy diffuser is a humidifier as well and can be equipped with any essential oil he likes. Using ultrasonic tech, it’s quiet and can fill a room with his favourite smells.

Portable Ceramic Heater

With rapid heating PTC technology, this portable ceramic heater heats up in seconds. Dad can adjust the temperature to where he likes it and it’s portable so he can take it with him from room to room. Choose from high (1,500 watts), low (900 watts), or fan only. Create the perfect atmosphere for him in the winter and keep him comfortable. If your Dad’s hesitant to touch the thermostat, a ceramic heater is something he might really love for Father’s Day.

Waterproof Family Camping Tent

One approach to Father’s Day is buying a gift that hints at things to come. Why we suggest a waterproof camping tent is because it serves a number of purposes. If your Dad likes to go camping, it can be just that – a promise for a father-and-child trip. It can also be a commitment to go hiking, fishing, or on an outdoor trip.

Body Fat Scale Smart Weighing Bluetooth-Style

A body fat smart scale is a great gift for Dads already equipped with a Fitbit or smartwatch, or who like to exercise. Sync it up with your Dad’s Fitbit app. A smart scale gives him a new perspective on his exercise goals, sharing not only his weight but his BMI, fat percentage, and more.

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