6 Tips on Setting Up Your Wardrobe in Modular Organizers, Portable Closets, and Storage Racks

Wardrobe designing comes easy once you know one or two things about how to divide up, organize, and keep your clothing options. Are you thinking about buying a new wardrobe modular closet or portable closet organizer – many Canadians are doing so. Here are some functional wardrobe tips to keep in mind when setting up your modular organizer, wardrobe storage, and portable closets.

Look At Your Amounts

Organization starts with knowing what you’re working with. Know how much space you need across hangers, shelves, and accessories. Once you have a firm idea on what clothes and belongings need to be stored in a closet storage organizer, you can move forward from there.

Large Is Not Always Better

A popular reason why shoppers get modular wardrobe organizers is because they don’t necessarily have a closet of their own. Space must be a consideration. Buy the organizer you need, not the largest one available. Do not lose sight of the fact that the larger your portable closet, the less space your bedroom will have. Consider the amount of clothing and choose organization that matches.

Folding Sweaters And Socks

When using a modular shelving storage organizer, you want to stick to folding and stacking sweaters, socks, shirts, and more. Folding maximizes space in your organizer, minimizes disorganization in your organizer which would defeat its purpose, and restores some pride in clothing options.

Don’t Neglect Ergonomics

Some areas in your portable closet will be easier to access than others. Consider this when assigning areas to different clothes. You want your everyday wear – socks, pants, dresses, shirts, shoes, hats, and accessories – to be easily reachable. For less-popular items and seasonal wardrobes, they can be put in less accessible cubbies or areas. This way, you’re not doing any unnecessary bending or straining yourself in the morning when putting together an outfit.

Long-Hanging Clothes Need Their Place

Not all portable wardrobe closets are built with long-hanging clothes and dresses in mind. Organizers can be as simple as a sequence of small cubbies which are perfect for socks and undergarments but not so much for dresses. If there’s not enough long-hanging space in a portable closet, you may want to look at alternatives or find another space in your existing space.

Heavy On The Bottom and Lighter On Top

Portable wardrobe closets and modular shelving organizers aren’t built like a built-in closet. Although they have stability, you want to be conscious of heavy items you’re placing inside. Ideally, heavy goes on the bottom and lighter items on top. This approach, of course, must be considered along with the other tips on this list to find the perfect wardrobe organizing arrangement for your needs.

Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

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