Top 5 Cycling Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

For bicycle riders and cyclists, come summer, everyone’s itching to get outside and do some exploring. After being shut-in over a COVID-19 spring, now’s the time to get out and enjoy sunshine, warm weather, and exercise while maintaining social distancing.

For avid cyclists and recreational riders, here are some high-quality cycling accessories to make your experience all the more fulfilling and safe. Here are the top cycling accessories from

3-in-1 Air Pump

Though this is made for bicycles, you can use a 3-in-1 air pump for mattresses and similar items. Keep this one on you when you’re going out on long cycling rides or at home for shorter adventures. If you notice a wheel that’s a little low on air pressure, pumping it up is easy and straightforward.

Bicycle Seat Bag

Under your bicycle seat is a great storage location. Take this bicycle saddle and cycling bag, strapping it into place to keep your personal belongings or any maintenance tools you may require while riding. The strap-on design secures the bag in place so that it doesn’t move or separate like other saddles could.

Handlebar Mount Cup Holder

A handlebar drink holder allows you to bring with you a coffee in a thermos, some water, or beverages of any type. Keep your hydration up under the summer sun. If you’re cycling to your job or enjoying a leisurely ride, during slow periods it doesn’t hurt to have something you can indulge in with a sip or two here and there.

Self-Adhesive Reflective Stickers

There’s less fun on this cycling accessory but it’s well worth it, especially if you’re cycling in the evening or at nighttime hours. Self-adhesive fluorescent reflective stickers can be placed anywhere on your bicycle. They ensure you’re seen by drivers and other cyclists. Put them on frames, helmets, and wherever you think the eye may go. They’re worth the small investment.

Bicycle Hoist And Ceiling Mount

Through robust engineering, this is the perfect gift to yourself for mounting your bicycle in a retrievable, space-saving location. Easy to install, this bicycle hoist and ceiling mount has two claws which connect to your seat and steering bars, lifting your bike up as high as you wish to go.

Getting a bicycle offers you a major advantage in commuting, traveling, and seeing the community. This summer, do it safely and get even more pleasure out of it when you shop with Canada’s own Find summer 2020 trendy cycling accessories and more at We’ll be waiting!

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