How To Get the Most From Your Pool This Summer

If you’re uncomfortable about heading out to public pools or water parks this summer, your backyard pool is the next best thing. You can still cool down friends and family, whether it’s in-ground or an inflatable. Here are a few things to keep in mind when readying your pool this summer.

Safety First

Especially if you have kids, you’ve got to watch the water. Most drownings in pools occur in children 4 years of age and under. Even if your kids know how to swim, supervise. Consider an inflatable safety vest if you have a baby who wants to get into the pool with you. Know CPR training in case you need to use it. Fortunately, in the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still virtual CPR classes available. Consider looking at a few tutorials.

Pool Inflatables

If your pool is large enough to have inflatables in it, it can make time in the pool all the more entertaining and fun. There are small inflatables for children as well if it’s a more family-friendly affair. Regardless, definitely consider picking up one or two pool inflatables at least.

a pink donut-shaped float
Giant Donut Float Pool Party Inflatable, 48″

Pool Toys and Accessories

Pool accessories create more interest in and around the pool. It gets people in the water and having fun. Even something as silly as a water blaster gun can be a way to engage friends or family. Then, there are beach balls and other pool accessories which are great for games. A water-balloon filling station is another way to keep the fun summer vibes going.

Keep the Pool Clean

A backyard pool is quick to fill with debris and get all sorts of bacteria in it. Be sure to start on a cleaning schedule. Drain and refill it, get any debris out with a pool skimmer at the end of a swimming day, and give it an occasional clean top to bottom.

Use A Pool Cover

There are many advantages to using a pool cover. It not only helps to keep debris from your summer backyard pool but it prevents children and others from falling in. There have been unfortunate cases over the years of young children drowning in as little as 2 inches of water. A pool cover does a lot to prevent these sort of accidents from happening.

Use Your Pool Regularly

So many of us buy a backyard pool, fill it, and then, barely use it. This is very common among families. Once children lose interest, there goes any likelihood of getting into the pool. Even if you aren’t excited to use the pool, consider at least getting out in the backyard. It can be for a barbecue or just to enjoy the fresh air. Grab a friend or family member and hang out. The more time around the pool, the more likely something fun with come of it!

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