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MINISO is a low-cost Chinese/Japanese retailer, one of the largest in the world, and in the past half-decade, has continued on a path to global expansion with a small collection of Canadian locations.

Unfortunately, MINISO in Canada are few and far between. You don’t have to find a MINISO retailer, however, to get MINISO products. Here are 7 of our favourite MINISO products from Buy them online today.

MINISO Humidifier

A small, trendy MINISO humidifier you can take with you into any room. Offering two spray modes and complete with a USB-connected fan, this is a great way to get some more moisture in the air on those dry days. Especially come winter, a humidifier can help keep the skin looking its best.

a blue fan-shaped humidifier
Humidifier Miniso 


Several MINISO lamps could make this list but why this LED desk lamp got the pick is because you’ve got a fashionable, minimalism-inspired lamp here that’s trendy and affordable.

MINISO Bluetooth Headset

For business calls, enjoy this MINISO stereo Bluetooth headset. A long-lasting battery makes it easy to listen to music, make voice calls, and with a high-quality microphone that minimizes environmental noise.

MINISO Floral-Print Yoga Mat

MINISO has a very limited selection of home workout and exercise equipment. In addition to the MINISO gym ball and air pump set, the brand also has a very pretty and comfortable floral-print yoga mat on hand.

MINISO Electric Facial Massager

The electric facial massager is soft and tender while delivering over 10,000 vibrations a minute. Combined with your favourite facial care products, this massager helps moisturizers and serums absorb with ease.

a white brush-shaped face massage tool
Electric Facial Massage Cleasing Tool Miniso

MINISO Solar Slimming Body Massager

Another great massager in the MINISO catalogue, this solar slimming body massager with a diamond-cut surface can be used anywhere on the body. From down the spine to the arms or legs, apply a light amount of pressure and let those muscles release any and all built-up tension.

MINISO Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Set

If there’s one thing anyone can see when browsing MINISO is that they do small and minimalism right. This portable USB wireless mouse and keyboard set give you everything you need to comfortably type on your computer from any location.

Find MINISO products in Canada and more from As one of Canada’s top lifestyle brands, continues to bring premium-quality products to the market and is making it easier than ever before to order product and get it shipped to your front door. For cosmetics, kitchenware, small appliances, and more, drop by the website and see what is all about.

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