5 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Organized, Clean, and Looking its Minimalist-Inspired Best

Small, minimalist-inspired interior design for a kitchen maximizes available space while treating appearances to some very interesting modern accessories.

If you want to upgrade your kitchen’s look, you don’t have to invest thousands in a major renovation. Here are some handy and trendy kitchen accessories to help with storage and organization.

Food Waste Caddy

An efficient way to minimize waste is to start a compost bin on your property. If that’s in the backyard, lugging food out there after every meal isn’t reasonable. A food waste caddy accumulates the wet food or organic materials you intend to move out to the compost bin.

a white container with a lid closed and a handle
Joseph Joseph Compo™4L Food Waste Caddy

Cupboard Pan Lid Holders

Plates and bowls fit lovely together but not everything does. Glass pan lids have a problematic shape but with a cupboard pan lid holder, you can easily fit them flat to the door. They’re organized, slim, and mount strong with non-marking adhesive tape.

Compact Spice Rack

Spices get messy. Once the bag or container is open, it’s key to get the spice into another container. This way, you never spill. A compact spice rack doesn’t get any more compact than the Joseph Joseph model. This one’s well worth checking out if you’re short on space.

Compact Cutlery Organizer

Most cutlery organizer designs go left-to-right which often leaves unused space up-to-down. Another Joseph Joseph creation, this compact cutlery organizer lifts your cutlery up allowing spoons, forks, and knifes to be safely placed in compartments where retrieval is easy and space gets saved.

Under-Shelf Storage Container Set

Some kitchens have shelves with unused space height-wise. Make use of this with under-shelf storage containers where you can put dried beans, rice, and more. Say goodbye to the areas underneath shelving that are tough to fill.

Kitchen Organization is so Easy to Practice

As with any workspace, you’ve got to keep things clean and in place. In the kitchen, there are storage opportunities most of us aren’t even aware of. Hopefully, at least a few of these accessories have inspired you to look at your kitchen a little differently.

As long as storage products like this are on the market, there’s always something different and effective one can do with their available kitchen space. With so many moving parts, a good kitchen rule to have is to make organization a must.

Whether you’re a culinary school graduate or just someone who enjoys a look of cleanliness, check out these kitchen accessories and others at Living.ca.

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