6 Kitchen Accessories Every Vegan And Vegetarian Consider Must-Haves

The best way to stick with a vegan or vegetarian diet and/or to keep things interesting is by ensuring you have the tools to create some interesting meals. This isn’t just about buying vegetables from the grocery store either.

Meals from pasta to salads require some simple yet required tools to get the job done. For practising vegans and newcomers, here are kitchen appliances every vegan home cook deserves to have.


A handheld spiralizer allows the user to create curly noodles from vegetables. From carrots and zucchinis to potatoes and beets, you can make noodles out of almost anything with a stainless steel bladed spiralizer like this.

a plastic container, whose body is half transparent and half in green and whose cap is in green with thorns in the inner side
Hand-Held Spiralizer – OXO

Avocado Slicer

Avocados have a long list of nutritious benefits. Although going at it with a knife is doable, an avocado slicer that will also split and pit your avocado keeps things fast, safe, and effective. Anyone who eats avocados regularly, consider this 3-in-1 tool for comfort.

Citrus Juicer

A lot of vegan and vegetarian recipes like to blend in juiced citrus fruits – lemons, lime, and oranges. A 2-in-1 citrus juicer makes it easy to crunch and juice lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits, with all the juice dripping into the cup built into its design.

High-Quality Salad Spinner

If you want to make salads a whole lot easier, find yourself a high-quality salad spinner and dressing shaker. These aren’t cheap but they save tons of time in food prep. Make and mix dressings, sauces, marinades, and more as well. All-in-1, it takes a press of a button to get it done.

Steamer Basket

Any vegetable frozen at the right time retains more nutritional value than a lot of your grocery store’s produce section. The best way to thaw them is by steaming. A folding steamer basket made from eco-friendly silicone and plastics is worth the buy.

Large Compost Bin

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian predominantly for environment-based reasons, a 6.62L large compost bin gives you an easy-fill container to add your food scraps and organic materials. Emptying the compost bin’s contents into your garden is easily done with its removable components.

Long-practising vegans and vegetarians will be the first to tell you how important affordable kitchen tools like these are. To really get all the deliciousness and nutrients you can from a vegetarian or vegan diet, have what you need to make the best recipes. You can find more trendy affordable kitchen gadgets, tools, and accessories from Living.ca.

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