A Hydroponic Grow Tent Gives A Gardener Control Over Lighting, Climate, And More!

Summer’s a beautiful time for gardening. The sun is out, weather conditions are usually very favorable, and now’s the time for everything to yield.

Year-round, especially in Canada, the weather doesn’t always make it possible to grow. A hydroponic grow tent set up somewhere indoors gives you the chance to continue growing all sorts of plants, from lettuce to tomatoes and more.

a black tent with a window open
48″x48″x80″ Hydroponic Grow Tent with Obeservation Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing

If there’s a passion for gardening in you, having a grow tent can open up a lot of possibilities in growing seedlings as well as plants that wouldn’t normally grow in Canada due to our climate. Here are some reasons to consider using a grow tent.

You Have Yields All Year

Instead of waiting for summer to yield veggies, greens, and seeds, a garden grow tent puts the control in you. If you want fresh garden-grown veggies in the middle of winter, you can have it.

No Pests In Your Grow Tent

A grow tent is closed. Pests you’d have to deal with outdoors – such as spiders, whiteflies, and aphids – are non-existent in a grow tent. If you keep your tent fully closed, you avoid common garden pest problems.

The Lighting is Reliable

A hydroponic grow tent gives you the chance to control lighting. You get more lighting in a hydroponic tent than you would setting up plants on a windowsill or even outdoors. Tents are reflective inside which means instead of walls diffusing the light as they normally would indoors, plants are being exposed to the greatest concentration of light possible.

Plants Get the Cleanest Air

Most grow tents come with an air filtration system that helps to circulate clean air. A carbon-activated filter is used to draw air in through negative pressure and the result is fresh air in circulation at all times through your grow tent.

Use Indoor Space You Aren’t Using

A hydroponic tent can fit anywhere and take up as much or as little space as desired. Be it a closet, basement, or garage, a grow tent is very easily installed. The indoor location you use doesn’t impact the conditions inside the tent.

If you have garIf you have gardening ideas yet unexplored, want to grow plants year-round, or are only beginning with your journey in gardening, a hydroponic grow tent is a big gift to you. Find Canada’s best hydroponic grow tent today at Living.ca. Setup is easy and once done, your gardening capabilities will have suddenly just expanded ten-fold!

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