Why Every Hiker Should Have A Hydration Reservoir in their Backpack

If you’ve recently taken up hiking, you know it’s no walk in the park. It’s great cardiovascular exercise and the result of all your hard work is often a view worth the effort.

What a lot of beginner hikers recognize they need is an outdoor waterproof hiking backpack. What they often discount is the value of a hydration reservoir. A light, comfortable hydration reservoir ensures you always have water ready when you need it most.

These sort of reservoirs are used not only in hiking but camping, cycling, and running. They’re invaluable.

The alternative is carrying a water bottle in your hand or tossing a couple in your backpack. Using a hiking hydration reservoir, you carry more water with you, it’s easier to access, and an intelligently designed reservoir maximizes space.

How Does a Hydration Reservoir Work?

A hydration reservoir is essentially a bag of water you can put into a 70L outdoor backpack. It’s like a bag within a bag. You can fill your reservoir with juice or flavored water – whatever you need. A tube then connects your mouth to the reservoir. It’s hands-free hydration whenever you need it. A reservoir with a self-sealing bite valve ensures no water escapes. You never have to reach back to grab a thing. It’s all there.

What Kind of Hydration Reservoir is Best?

The biggest difference between reservoirs is their size. For hiking – even a day hike – you’re walking distances where you need a lot of hydration. Select a 3L hydration reservoir. This carries just enough water but not too much. It keeps things as light as possible without sacrificing amount. Assuming it’s built well and is from a high-quality design, it’s then all a matter of fitting the reservoir to your bag.

What’s Using A Hydration Reservoir Like?

A lot of hikers worry about weight. If they already are used to carrying an outdoor hiking backpack, adding a hydration reservoir into the mix isn’t a big deal. It doesn’t add a lot of noticeable weight. If you’re used to carrying a bottle of water on you, you’ll notice there’s a lot less sloshing and bouncing. You free up your hands and the whole journey as a hiker is more enjoyable all around. Everything you need is on your back. As long as you’re used to carrying weight from a waterproof backpack, you’ll be good to go.

Summer’s a great opportunity to get a hike in. For your next trip, adding a hydration reservoir in high-degree heat will make your day so much easier. On top of that, the water in your hiking backpack can stay cool for hours. Visit Living.ca to pick up this hiking essential and more.

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