Safe Summer Activities Anyone Can Do While Social Distancing

Wear a face mask. Maintain two-metres of social distancing. Wash your hands with soap and water.

We hear these things and they’re important. They’re necessary but not very fun. Summertime doesn’t have to be ruined by the restrictions we are all having to deal with.

There are still plenty of ways we can spend time with family or on our own and maximize our summer minutes.

July’s almost over but don’t let August go to waste. It’s time to spend a little on yourself and enjoy the rest of the season. Here are some summer activities anyone can do even with the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing.


All over Canada, there are some beautiful local fishing ponds, rivers, and lakes. It’s a great opportunity to see a little of the country’s untouched natural wilderness while relaxing in an environment of solitude. Grab your fishing line, fly hooks, fishing lure bait, and more, and get out there!


There’s nothing like picking something off the BBQ grill with your stainless steel spatula. Stovetop cooking is great but come summer, fire up the grill. Even vegans and vegetarians can’t deny veggies cooked over the flame of a BBQ. It’s also a chance to share freshly-cooked BBQ with family and friends or even neighbours.


Some campgrounds are open and others are not. Chances are somewhere around you, campsites are open and accepting bookings. Camping is another safe way to escape the coronavirus hype and get in touch with Mother Earth. Inspire yourself. There’s so much natural heaven out there for Canadians to see.

Road Trip it!

If the wilderness isn’t your style, hop it on over to a nearby town or take a road trip somewhere within your province you haven’t yet been. From Ontario to BC, small towns and tourism-friendly destinations exist. Pack in your luggage organizer set and save some for your portable travel toiletry waterproof bag.

Backyard Vacation

Just because a lot of us have had to cancel our summer travel plans or can’t get out of the province we live in doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves with our own slice of paradise.

A backyard vacation is perfect – a getaway right on your property!

Set up some LED string lights, prep your garden and solar lights, and bring in unique elements infused with your personality.

Investing in your property for your own self-enjoyment ensures you have a pleasant home to arrive at come the end of the day.

Find all sorts of summer accessories from things for the pool to fishing and BBQ accessories. Summertime’s your own. It’s a beautiful time to be alive, even with the storm of COVID-19 continuing to rage outside. Be safe. Have fun this summer. Visit

Photo by Kevin Benkenstein on Unsplash

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