DIY Craft Ideas for Wood, Wood Chips, Wood Slices, And More

Wood is an exquisite material to work with on DIY crafts. The results are often authentic-looking, quality, rustic, vintage, and with a homemade vibe.

From tree wood logs to natural cut log pieces, oval-shaped wood chips, and decorative wood slices from, you’ve got a lot to work with when it comes to wood crafts. For the most earthy and beautiful DIY wood craft ideas, here are some we think really bring out the wood charm at its finest.


Grab some paint and do your best abstract wood coaster design atop your wood slice. An alternative to brushing the paint on is to use spray-paint. There are all sorts of interesting ways to decorate wood to form a coaster.

Mason Jar Art

Taking some natural tree wood cut log pieces, decorate them with colors, beads, dyes, or glitter. Consider taking some natural greenery or stone pieces as well to mix in. Mix it all together in a mason jar. Do this a few times and put your result around the kitchen or dining room. They’re creative conversation-starters you can make look like any aesthetic you want.


If you’re comfortable wielding an engraver, you can take wood slices and engrave a personal message to someone you care about. An alternative is also to engrave an abstract image or some corporate logo on your wood piece.

Fridge Magnet

Find some unattached plain fridge magnets and glue them to the backside of a decorated wooden piece. For more abstract fridge magnets, you may use oval-shaped log slices or small pieces.

Christmas Ornaments

A wood slice Christmas ornament is one of the most popular DIY wood crafts out there. Many methods exist by which one can create an ornament from a piece of wood. The most common approach is to burn an image into the wood although you can use something as simple as permanent markers to work art on it.

Other Wood Craft Ideas

  • Wine charms.
  • Keychain accessory.
  • Create a wreath.
  • Create a placemat.
  • Abstract sculptures.
  • Garden bed accessory.

You’ve got tons of ways to take wood and turn them into paintings, coasters, home décor, decorations for a wedding or major event, or something entirely personal. Wood’s easy to write and paint on which makes it the perfect material to work with for novice DIYers. Visit today to pick up your own DIY wood pieces to get started on your next arts & crafts masterpiece!

Photo by Manja Vitolic on Unsplash

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