Create Interior Design For Your Home that Gets You Excited About Waking Up in the Morning!

The way your home looks should provoke something in you. Feelings of happiness, warmth, welcome, and meaning. If your home is looking a little bare, dull, or dated, throw on some personality and attitude.

Home décor comes in many forms. In interior design, we use home décor to emphasize certain aspects of a space. For example, a rustic space may use a combination of wood logs, wood chips, and wood accents to elevate the room.

If you’re not sure how to turn a drab home into an extraordinary one, here are a few design purchases that are totally affordable. You can completely transform your space without an expensive renovation browsing categories like these.


Scented candles, essential oils in an aromatherapy diffuser, or filling the room with any pleasing scent is a great investment. Especially when you have guests, you not only want a home that’s visually interesting but also comes across as clean and inviting. The right scent gets you there.


If you’re not a big plant person, you don’t have to be to get them to work for you. Artificial decorative plants like succulents, orchids, roses, tulips, dahlias, and small collections bring life, color, and vibrancy to spaces. Mix in a few real plants if you dare and get your home off to an exciting start towards a décor-led transformation.


Home décor textiles like tablecloths, living room curtains, bedding, blankets, placemats, and couch cushions can help to make a room feel welcoming. If you have a lot of furniture that’s dated, dressing them up in some trendy textiles can help re-install some youthfulness.

Home Accents

A smartly designed home has accents everywhere. They’re not functionally necessary to any given room but they contribute an unmistakable feel. Flashy ornaments, black metal home decorations, wood decorations are all examples of home accents.


We often see lighting as a décor recommendation for outside the house. While home decor LED string lights work wonderfully outdoors, there’s a lot of creative ways for you to use decorative lighting inside as well. Look at neon lights, light-up trees and plants, and string lights for inspiration.

Wall Décor

Wall décor is an underdeveloped area of interior design in most homes. That’s in large part because wall décor can be tacky if done wrong. Done right though, they add texture and intrigue. Look at wall decals, self-adhesive peel-and-stocks, wall prints, or wood wall planks.

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Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash

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