Decorate Your Home With Safe, High-Quality Candles Right For The Room!

Candles don’t get their fair share of attention when it comes to their impact on home décor. Once used daily to bring light into homes during nighttime hours, candles aren’t as widely used today as they were decades ago. That said, the right candle still creates a warm, heavenly environment.

Home décor candles can be toyed with in many ways. Cluster them in arrangements or use separately. Assemble then in a variety of heights. Use a scent in every room. If you don’t like smelling candles, plenty of unscented candles exist as well. Add to the mix stylish candle containers or holders and you’ve got a lot of customization options.

Kitchen Candles

Kitchen candles can be romantic and add a new dynamic of light and shade. Combine candlelight with tea lights to give the room a deep, welcoming look. This is perhaps where a homeowner or interior designer can make the most creative use of different aesthetics.

Bathroom Candles

Bathroom candles can be very relaxing. Positioning candles safely around the tub creates a relaxing atmosphere. If you have stable bathroom shelving or a visible countertop, candles potentially can work here. In an otherwise monochromatic bathroom, candles bring in a new color. Keep things ever so cozy!

Bedroom Candles

Speaking of cozy, nowhere’s cozier than the bedroom. On a side table, windowsill, or atop a dresser, candles add old-age whimsy to a bedroom. They can be romantic or sexy when you need them to be or just a safe, comfy place to rest at the end of a long day’s work.

Living Room Candles

Like bedroom candles, living room candles can help set a mood. Keep them around when watching a movie, use candles instead of a lamp on the coffee table, or create some warmth wherever you’re comfortable placing them.

Other Ways to Use Candles in Interior Design

Candles also fit soundly in an entranceway, foyer, garage, hallway, or stairway. Safety is highly important, remember. Don’t leave candles unattended to. Always ensure they’re visible and positioned on something stable. If you have doubts about safety, don’t do it.

Candles are a beautiful way to light a space. Experiment a little. Candles are also non-toxic. They’re more than good to let burn in the home, unless you have allergies or asthma. Even then, most don’t mind a candlelit dinner now and again.

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Photo by Ellieelien on Unsplash

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