Why A Reusable Fridge Bag for Veggies And Fruits is Important to Your Nutrition

Fridge bags are a reusable you will never get tired of using. If you aren’t in the habit of using reusable half-gallon bags or reusable bags in the storage of your veggies, fruits, and other refrigerator favourites, here are a few reasons why you might want to.

They’re Easy to Clean

Unlike plastic bags, a Stasher fridge bag has no petroleum, PVC, latex, or toxicity in it. It is dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe. You can clean them simply by putting them in your dishwasher.

New Cooking Methods

If you put a plastic bag in a pile of boiling water or on a stovetop, it’s going to melt and release chemicals into your food. This isn’t the case with silicone. A silicone reusable food bag is ready for boiling and sous vide cooking, is freezer-ready, microwave-safe, and can be used on your stovetop. Assemble your veggies beforehand that you intend to boil or cook and lock in the nutrients, flavors, and juices inside the bag. What comes out is always fresh and delicious.

Reduce Bacteria Spread

There was a large recall on uncooked onions recently in Canada due to a salmonella risk. An onion that’s rolling around loose in your veggie drawer can easily spread bacteria like this to vegetables around it. Had an infected onion been contained in a reusable veggie bag, the bacteria’s contained and has nowhere to go.

More Organization

For those who like to do a lot of pre-planning meals and meal prep, reusable bags are a great method of preparing salads, meals, and snacks. They sit in your fridge – fresh as can be – until you’re ready to eat them. They’re also very easily transported should you have to take them to work or outside the house.

Keep Veggies Fresh for Longer

By protecting your veggies in an eco-friendly fridge bag, you extend their lifespan. Fresh and nutrient-rich vegetables are everything in a diet. Unfortunately, from the moment they hit a refrigerator, veggies start to lose their nutritional content. Unless you intend to eat your vegetables that very day, setting them in a reusable sealed bag will help keep them fresh for as long as possible.

Reduce Your Plastic Waste

Plastic bags are easy to use, affordable, and unfortunately also create a ton of waste. Plastic is easy to eliminate from our day-to-day habits. A platinum silicone half-gallon bag replaces disposables and further reduces your impact on the environment.

Stasher is the best reusable bag brand in Canada. Buy Stasher bags at Living.ca. Organize the fridge, generate a lot less plastic waste, and see how crisp your produce comes out compared to leaving them loose in the bin or on the shelf. Shop it with Living.ca today.

Photo by Dose Juice on Unsplash

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