Quit the Gym and Get Your Cardio On At Home with these Fitness And Exercise Accessories

We’re in the midst of a home fitness gold rush. More people than ever are eschewing gym memberships in favor of working out from home. Here’s your opportunity to do the same. Cardiovascular work is easy to do when you have products like these at your disposal.

Gym Ball

A gym ball is all about balance. They’re used most commonly on core exercises. To maintain balance while working your core or legs, it adds another layer of difficulty to what you may otherwise think are easy exercises.

Yoga Mat

Yoga are exercises based in healing. They stretch, elongate, strengthen, and build muscles simultaneously while challenging you from a cardio standpoint. To ensure your feet are properly gripped into the floor, a comfortable yoga mat is a must.

Jump Rope

Jump rope is the ultimate at-home cardio activity. It’s praised by fitness fanatics like Jillian Michaels, an expert in losing weight and gaining strength. The health benefits of jump rope are burning calories, strengthening bones, improving heart health, and better coordination.

Resistance Straps

Yoga resistance bands or tension resistance bands can offer a full-body workout on arms, shoulders, legs, chest, back, and torso. Similar to using cable pulleys, these straps are a home fitness favourite.

Abdominal Wheel

An abdominal wheel is all about core strength. We use our core in every exercise we do. Core strength will help everything from your back muscles and any aches you feel there to cardiovascular endurance. An ab wheel is another way to exercise this part of your body.

Gymnastic Rings

Gymnastic rings offer another collection of exercises you can perform at home. Perfect for athletes who want to improve their strength and flexibility, gymnastic rings are adjustable according to the intensity level you need in your home workout.

Wooden Balance Board

A wooden balance board is about stability, sports performance, and footwork. Improve your coordination and complexity to simple bodyweight exercise. When you’re working out arms, shoulders, and upper body, here’s a way to give your legs something to focus on its off-days.

Plyometric Jumping Box for Cardio

A 3-in-1 plyometric jumping box for cardio is your ticket to perhaps the most difficult cardio workout. Plyo training focuses on calorie-burning. Increase your vertical jump height while challenging your body with jumps, hops, bounds, and more. It’s hard but the reward in cutting calories and improving your overall cardio rating will be worth it.

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Photo by madison lavern on Unsplash

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