Top 5 Most Common Home Renovation Projects for Homeowners in Canada

Whether you’ve lived in your home for years and are now looking at a renovation or have purchased a fixer-upper to do some major construction work on it, every homeowner inevitably wants something more than what’s in front of them.

Home renovations are a multi-billion dollar industry with a wide array of different designs dominating categories such as bathroom fixtures and kitchen fixtures. When it comes to remodelling your home, these are the top 5 most common home renovation projects a homeowner’s likely to tackle first.

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Kitchen Renovations

For years, the kitchen was the #1 home renovation. Updating older kitchens, replacing appliances, adding islands and new countertops, and more. Kitchens aren’t quite as popular when it comes to home renovations as they once were but they’re still a go-to room for homeowners looking to increase the value of their property.

Bathroom Renovations

The most popular home renovation in 2020 is in the bathroom. Design choices here include freestanding tubs or shower technologies, textures, tiles, mirrors, and bathroom fixtures. Remodelling the bathroom is a very popular home renovation in large part because it is less expensive than tackling the kitchen and the creativity one can employ in this room is more personalized.

Small-Scale Renovations

There’s a long list of small-scale renovations that are very common and a great starting point. Homeowners who don’t want to throw themselves into the costs and effort of a kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, or repainting, try something like installing a high-efficiency thermostat, replacing older appliances with environmentally-friendly ones, or installing a new HVAC system.

Room Additions

Building a room addition is one of the more massive home renovation projects on this list. Homeowners still love the idea of adding space and square footage to their property. The downside is that the costs can be exorbitant. In Canada, the average cost for a room addition build can range from as low as $105/sq. ft. to as much as $400/sq. ft. For those who are fully committed to the work though, the value an addition will add – either by the dollar or on a personal level – is often worth it.

Door Replacements

Door replacements are a very easy home renovation to make. They’re so easy they’re barely a renovation. It’s more akin to replacing something accessorizing your home. An exterior door replacement is most common, however, your interior doors can also be replaced. Dozens of quality exterior door brands exist. Choose what resonates with you and your personal style, contributing to the aesthetic already on your property.

Tackle your home and create the property you’ve always wanted for yourself. Any home renovation becomes a lot easier when you have the right tools. For help with bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, and home remodelling projects, visit

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

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