Do I Need to Wear Face Masks At School – A Guide for Students of All Ages

From post-secondary institutions down to local community K-12 schools, the year is about to commence.

Considering last year’s schooling period came to an abrupt halt with the break-out of a pandemic, it’s on us as community members, parents, teachers, and students to do our part in preventing the same thing from occurring this fall.

Being next to one another in school is unavoidable. It will happen, as much as we may try to maintain social distancing. When we can’t keep that distance, our next best defense is a covering mask.

Regardless of what one’s personal feelings may be about wearing a face mask, numerous situations have unfolded worldwide that have shown why they are so important.

  • The primary reason scientists believe the numbers in the United States are beginning to decrease has to do with the adoption of face masks.
  • There have been instances where infected persons have gone to workplaces such as restaurants, beauty parlors, nail salons, and fitness centers, and by some miracle, the infection didn’t spread at all or by very few numbers. Researchers have once again associated this with face masks.

Even if it’s not mandated in a classroom or by an administration, student face masks are encouraged.

The last thing anyone wants to do is infect another person unknowingly with a virus that will kill them. When a student goes to school and is careless by not wearing a face mask, they run a risk of picking up the virus and bringing it with them to spread to family and friends.

Although Canadians under 25 years of age are unlikely to experience a fatality from contracting the virus, it still has happened. Even when it doesn’t, this is still a new virus. The long-term consequences are unknown. Some who have had COVID-19 seem to have various forms of permanent damage.

The most responsible thing any student can do for the health of others is to wear a mask while attending school in-person. If any one school experiences an outbreak, it could prove so dangerous to not only parents but the community as a whole. Nowhere else do so many community members gather. Schools could prove to be the source of a second wave, if left unattended.

Find the type of face mask that best suits you. Here are the most common types of face masks available.

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Photo by Erika Fletcher on Unsplash

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