What Areas of Your Home Need the Most Storage And Organization – read here!

A tidy home. We all want one. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to achieve. We get busy.

Priorities admittedly come up that are more important. Add to that when you don’t have the storage and organization products you need, and it’s a perfect storm for disorganization.

There are several areas of the household that are begging for organization. By focusing on storage-friendly rooms and putting the right organization products in these areas, you can drastically improve the look and feel of your home.

Your Wardrobe Closet

Some of us don’t have wardrobe closets. We may use dressers or find another way to stack clothes. If you want a tidy, uncluttered home, start with clean clothes. A wardrobe closet or modular shelving cube organizer instantly gives you a place to fold and keep freshly washed clothes.

Portable Clothes Closet
Portable Clothes Closet 

Dirty Clothes Corners

If you have a corner of a room that you like to fill with stinky unkempt clothes, make a change. Laundry hampers, bins, and organizers act like a garbage can for what you need washed. Separate light and darks, and keep all that dirty stuff tucked away where no one can see it in plain sight.


Anyone with more than three pairs of shoes should have some sort of shoe rack organizer. From smaller multi-tier shoe racks to over-the-door shoe storage, you have options. The important part is keeping these bulky products off the floor and somewhere at least semi-organized.


Bathrooms are filled with all sorts of essentials, health and wellness products, and tiny messes. Bathrooms deserve at least one or two storage items to keep things presentable. A multi-tier mounted corner shelf or a shower storage corner pole caddy are both easy-to-use options.


Kitchens were made for messes. They happen every day. When you’re running out of space because of appliances, dishes, food, or other items, consider some additional storage in the form of a storage rack organizer which can be fitted anywhere with available space.

Basements And Garages

Basements and garages are where we toss our most unwanted things. That is, items we want to keep but which we don’t have a place for in our everyday living space. Don’t let these areas become piles upon piles of unnecessary mess. Invest in a heavy-duty storage shelving unit.

How to keep a home organized starts with having the right products. Do it up Marie Kondo-style. Always have somewhere to clean and dirty clothes, shoes, bathroom products, and more. Enjoy storage and organization essentials today from Living.ca.

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