Best Essential Oils for the Back-to-School Season this Fall

School season is here. As students from elementary up through to the top post-secondary institutions head back into the classroom, they will be also be putting their mental and physical health to the test. Here are some essential oils to carry you through.


Lemon communicates cleanliness, freshness, and is a natural air freshener. When you have company coming over, lemon is a fine scent that will cover up all the drabness in a room. Additionally, lemon is shown to be a mood-booster and can promote general wellness and happiness.


Sleep struggles are real. School brings with it anxiety and stress. Lavender is a relaxant and a wonderful way to wind you down come sleepy-time. For supporting healthy sleep patterns, lavender is an essential oil you will want near your diffuser.


Rosemary has a very earthy aroma. It is believed to help with cognitive abilities and in remembering. Rosemary is a great study aid in this sense, whether it’s coming from a bottle or being diffused throughout the room.


Peppermint will keep you alert, awake, and focused. Put some into your essential oil diffuser while studying and you are giving yourself another tool to aid in concentration. Although it can make everything smell a little bit like someone’s chewing gum or Christmas, a little bit of diffused peppermint goes a long way in maintaining you at peak performance.


Eucalyptus is a healing essential oil. It is often used topically to help with muscle pain, joint pain, and headaches. In diffusion, you may find that eucalyptus helps ease general aches and eliminates headaches stemming from stiff shoulders, neck, or back. If there’s any headache reliever to go to that isn’t a pharmaceutical, try this.

Essential Oil Diffuser
Essential Oil Diffuser


Cedarwood is an essential oil that smells very calming. This is a great anti-anxiety essential oil perfect for particularly stressful test prep periods, studying, or bouts of research. Unlike oils like lavender, cedarwood calms but is not necessarily going to put you to sleep. It also smells gorgeously.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang ylang is another excellent essential oil for university students who need to calm down in moments of stress and focus their mind on something constructive. Ylang ylang has a sweet and floral scent that also works well with a lemon or peppermint.

The beautiful thing about these essential oils and others is that they can be combined. Create your own mixes based on the scents you love and what works for you. Before you get to experimenting, set yourself up with a wood grain quiet essential oil diffuser from Ultrasonic tech makes this diffuser the bee’s knees!

Photo by Sarah Gualtieri on Unsplash

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