Best Types of Tea for University to Keep Calm And Focused

A glass electric kettle with you at university provides a way to boil water safely and serve up a serving of tea when you need it most.

From the coldest days of winter to those moments when you just need a little extra to get you through to the next day, some teas just have a way about them. Teas are healthy, low-calorie, filling, and comforting.

There are teas to help you relax and de-compress, teas to help you sleep, teas to help you concentrate, and teas to keep you focused. Here are our recommendations for the best teas for university.

Glass Electric Kettle
Glass Electric Kettle


Green tea is the best tea, many will tell you. Plain green tea has a number of brain-boosting benefits including aiding with comprehension and memorization. It is also very healthy. Unfortunately, it can be rather plain-tasting. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to have some in your tea collection.


White tea is similar to green tea with its use as a brain aid. Students who take white tea tend to concentrate better and retain more information. Unlike with energy drinks or caffeine from a single-serve coffee maker, white tea is much calmer and won’t give you the jitters even with multiple cups.


Always have some ginger tea nearby. Ginger is great for an upset stomach. Do without the calories of a ginger ale though. Take some ginger tea instead. Whenever there’s nausea that won’t shake, heat up some water and move forward with your day with tea in-hand.


By far, one of the tastiest teas you can make with water from a BPA-free glass electric kettle is cinnamon. It is anti-inflammatory and contains antioxidants. If you are serious about keeping yourself in the best shape possible – mentally and physically – cinnamon tea not only gives tremendous benefits health-wise but it tastes delicious.


Peppermint is popular as a university student tea because of its known benefits in decreasing anxiety and stress, and improving mood by interacting with the GABA receptors in the brain. Peppermint will gently jolt your brain into focus, have a positive impact on memory, and is an amazing studying go-to.

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