How to Use Gymnastic Rings to Get in a Home Workout Any Time You Want

Gymnastic rings with adjustable buckles and straps are a handy fitness accessory to have.

A number of exercises can be done with them, particularly in the upper body section. Train your chest, back, triceps, biceps, and shoulders with ease.

The great thing about fitness rings and similar home workout accessories are that they’re adjustable. If you’re a beginner, minor modifications in your form can make the world of difference. The key is getting started. Here is how to use gymnastic rings.

Setting Up Gymnastic Rings

Before we get going on exercise, you must safely and securely set up your gymnastic rings. Basements and garages are the most common places for these rings. They can be fastened to exposed rafters and beams.

Gymnastic Rings, Fitness Rings w/ Adjustable Buckles Straps PHAT™

As you’re going to be challenging them with your full-weight, give it a short test if you have concerns. Ensure everything’s fastened correctly and that you aren’t putting yourself at risk performing exercises.

List of Gymnastic Ring Exercises

  • Pull-ups. These work your shoulders, triceps, chest, and back. A pull-up on gymnastic rings can be modified according to difficulty level. They’re a great introductory exercise to ensure your rings can sustain your weight.
  • Rows. Rows on rings work your upper back and biceps in different positions. Lay down at an angle, straightening your back while holding your rings. Pull yourself up and back down. Similar to a pull-up, this is a great exercise for a home workout.
  • L-sits. These are sort of like pull-up crunches. You use the fitness rings to stabilize yourself. Then, straighten your legs and raise them completing a crunch and going back down. An intense exercise for the abs and core, these will get you in shape in no time.
  • Push-ups. These aren’t your traditional push-ups. Slightly varied, introducing gym rings into the mix creates a more difficult exercise. Why this is the case is because they increase instability, forcing your core to work harder to maintain a healthy form.
  • Dips. Dips work the triceps but also the shoulders and chest. A fundamental fitness ring exercise, dips are a popular bodyweight movement you can add reps to it to increase difficulty.

Can You Perform Lower-Body Exercises with Gymnastic Rings?

Though fitness rings for home workouts aren’t really used for lower-body, this doesn’t mean you can’t work your lower half.

Lunges and squats are two of the most powerful leg exercises there are. They are basic bodyweight exercises you can do without gymnastic rings.

Home workouts are powerful. Especially in the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s showed a lot of us the importance of getting a workout in and keeping our immune systems strong. For gymnastic rings and other fitness accessories, visit today.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

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