Air Fryer or Deep Fryer, Which is Better

Air fryers are promoted as the healthier alternative to deep fryers and rightfully so. They fry foods without using anywhere near as much oil, reducing the calorie count on everything from fries to chicken.

For homes where fried foods continue to be a guilty pleasure, they may see air fryer as the preference. Though there’s a lot to love about air fryers, deep fryers still have many advantages.

Here is a quick comparison of air fryers and deep fryers, showing how each one works and the benefits.

Digital Touch Screen Air Fryer, 8 Cooking Preset, 5.8-Quart Nonstick Basket - LIVINGbasics
Digital Touch Screen Air Fryer, 8 Cooking Preset, 5.8-Quart Nonstick Basket – LIVINGbasics

Deep Fryers

Deep fryers work by dunking foods in hot oils, submerging them and cooking them at high temperature.

When using deep fryers on something like fries, potatoes can absorb a lot of oil which is why numerous deep-fried foods are considered to be very unhealthy.

That said, deep fryers achieve a golden brown crisp that is addictive. The crispy outside and moistened inside of things like chicken bites are hard to resist.

Air Fryers

Air fryers use super-heat air to cook food. A fan blows air down through a heating element, surrounding a basket of food.

No oil is used in a digital air fryer. The hot air cooks the food and creates the same crispy deep-fried effect.

Despite claims made, an air fryer does not achieve a deep-fried taste. You get the crisp but without the oil and if you’re relying on the oil for taste, you won’t find it. Fortunately, you can provide a tablespoon of oil in an air fryer to cook foods.

Whatever you do with an air fryer, you’re limiting the bad stuff being put into your body. For individuals trying to lose weight and keep their figure shapely, this is a smart approach.

Which is Better, An Air Fryer or Deep Fryer?

Key differences exist between air fryers and deep fryers. In certain situations, one clearly outperforms the other.

A deep fryer usually penetrates the food at a deeper level, creating a crispier and all-around tastier result. The biggest drawback is you have to change the oil often and health-wise, the amount of fat from a deep fryer is very high compared with an air fryer.

Considering all that, on the other side of the coin, there are advantages and disadvantages to using an air fryer. An air fryer can dry out some foods, unfortunately. With some experience though, anyone can master an air fryer. A huge air fryer benefit is that it can also grill and bake desserts. It’s far more diverse in its use than a deep-fryer. Clean-up is also way easier as there’s no oil to dispose of.

At, we can appreciate the best of both worlds. Find high-quality deep fryers and air fryers. Enjoy food cooked the way you want it. Visit us today.

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