See the Best Espresso Machine to Use While Working From Home And Be Your Own Barista!

A huge drawback of the work-from-home revolution has been not being able to get to your favourite coffee shop for a cup of espresso.

Espresso is high-caffeine and high-energy. When you need to kick into attention, nothing’s as effective and legal as espresso.

How we get it is through an espresso machine and fortunately, you can have a cup whenever you like when you have the equipment at home.

Achieve barista-quality espresso and coffee without ever leaving the house.

Espresso Machine, Coffee Maker, 15-Bar Pump, Steam Wand - LIVINGbasics™
Espresso Machine, Coffee Maker, 15-Bar Pump, Steam Wand – LIVINGbasics™

Why An Espresso Machine Makes Sense

A lot of us have coffee on tap. We don’t have espresso though. When you can make some espresso from home, you’re golden. You don’t need to spend all that money at your go-to Starbucks. You aren’t missing out on anything with your favourite caffeinated pick-me-up available at home.

Making Espresso to Taste

How to make espresso is relatively straightforward. You use the espresso machine to tamp the coffee grounds. Then, the steam wand is used to heat and front the milk to your taste. As easy as it is, it can take some time to really master the skill. Once you do though, you have another weapon in your arsenal in terms of being able to skip the cue and customize your own caffeinated drink.

What’s the Best Espresso Machine?

You can rate espresso machines in various ways. Obviously, you want one that works. Beyond that, an espresso machine should know how to deliver a high-quality espresso with ideal temperature, taste, and body.

The beauty of the espresso machine is that it can be used to make espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha, and more. It does all these things achieving the highest quality beverage every time.

The design of this 15-bar high-pressure pump produces a rich-tasting espresso, extracting a creamy, silky coffee.

Digging into the specs, it uses a 1,050W high-power heater in a stainless steel body, with an ergonomic handle, automatic temperature control, and a removable water reservoir able to carry 51oz of volume.

Where to Buy A High-Quality Espresso Machine in Canada

A great work-from-home espresso machine in Canada, try the model. It’s a simple, minimalist-inspired machine that looks supremely good sitting on your kitchen countertop.

Any time you need it, it’s there. No rushing to get to the coffee shop. Grabbing an espresso between Zoom calls or work assignments is made easy. It’s a straightforward machine, at an affordable price, and will deliver consistently delicious coffee and espresso. Check it out at

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

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