How to Use An Indoor Compost Bin For Your Home

A portable indoor large compost bin is a great way to create a more eco-friendly home. Promoting zero waste, make use of the fruit and vegetable scraps that would usually find their way into your waste bin.

How to use an indoor compost bin doesn’t vary much by brand. Some of the most popular compost bins such as OXO have a large capacity, are easy to fill, and will lock in pesky odors ensuring you’re not bothered by the sometimes-difficult smells.

When you buy a compost bin, you want one that is the right size for your household. You also should search for one with smooth interior walls as to prevent foods and liquids from building up and sticking to the inside.

Large Compost Bin - OXO
Large Compost Bin – OXO

What Can You Put into An Indoor Compost Bin?

An indoor compost bin is designed for fruits and vegetables, and nothing else. You shouldn’t put meat, dairy, or fats into these bins.

Benefits of an Indoor Compost Bin

Outdoor composing needs to be shielded from sunlight, heavy rain, and insulated. Indoors, you don’t have that same issue. An indoor compost bin can be used year-round at temperatures between 40 and 80 degrees.

For people in a small space, an indoor compost bin also helps them make the most of their garbage scraps. If there are limits on how much waste you’re allowed to put in bins, a compost bin can further minimize your output.

A Variety of Indoor Compost Bins Exist

There are multiple ways to compost indoors. Depending on the type of bin, how to compost indoors may be different.

  • ‘Aerobic composting’ uses microbes from garden soil to convert kitchen waste into compost. It then produces an entirely organic plant fertilizer.
  • ‘Vermicomposting’ uses worms and soil microbes to convert the same kitchen waste into vermicompost which consists of a combination of worm castings and decaying organic matter.
  • Lastly, there are also very simple indoor compost bins that do not use any soil or worms. They’re simply a place to store your organic kitchen waste before it is dumped into a compost bin outdoors. This is the kind of approach the OXO indoor compost bin takes.

Is An Indoor Compost Bin Right For Your Home?

If you’ve always wanted to compost and are considering building a compost bin outdoors, transferring kitchen scraps to it can be tough to do after every meal. Make it easy with a high-quality indoor compost bin with a locking lid.

Find the OXO Easy-Clean Compost Bin today from Make composting an achievable activity you can do year-round!

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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