Home Décor Trends to Fill Your Household With And Create A New Look for Winter

Your home has a look. In adding new home décor accents and elements, you either will be supporting what’s already there or creating a whole new aesthetic with its own suggestions, rules, and style.

Winter is an inspiring time to make changes. The weather’s getting colder. Conserving warmth evidently becomes a priority for many of us.

For a cozy next six months and as we wait for a hopefully brighter spring, here are some winter 2020 décor trends to follow.

Rich Colors

Summer and warmer weather use light, bright colors. Winter is all about rich, deep colors. Saturated colors with some depth to them work well when you vary textures or are paired with elements like curtains, furniture coverings, and similarly glamorous lifestyle pieces.

Non-Traditional Lighting

In an effort to make impersonal spaces feel a little more personal, non-traditional lighting can provide a little personality anywhere from a kitchen or bathroom to a stairway or home entertainment room. Home décor lighting includes LED lights, neon lights, and a wide array of options.


Monochrome, aka black and white, are very popular in home décor. If black and white isn’t intriguing to you, find an equally very simple pairing. Two colors are all you need. Incorporating different shades, you can create quite a palette for a single room or connecting open-concept spaces.

Rustic, Wintery Accents

Home décor accents are not necessarily the talking point but they contribute a lot to a room’s atmosphere. A rustic, vintage winter aesthetic takes from wood, candles, steel, wildlife, and outdoor elements. Think of what a winter cabin looks like. Now apply it to your home.

Soft Textiles

When it gets cold outside, we want to come home somewhere that is warm and soft. Winter textiles and fabrics, from clothes to what adorns a sofa, should be beautifully soft. Many opportunities exist to set up soft textures and fabrics on chairs, cushions, beds, and elsewhere.

Busy Surrounding Patterns

A lot of attention is given to minimalism as the must-have home décor style. Sometimes though, other approaches work better. In winter, home décor patterns can be a little busier. You can decorate walls and borders of a room with busy home décor elements, insulating yourself and creating life in a season where almost everything outside is in hibernation.

Don’t let winter pass you by without filling in the season with some much-needed style and decadence. Choose your favourite home décor style accessories at Living.ca today and embrace the season!

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