What to Look For in the Best Single-Serve Coffee Maker in Canada

A coffee maker is worth the investment. Kick expensive daily coffee-buying habits to the curb!

Single-serve coffee makers work quickly, efficiently, and get you on your way in minutes.

You can save $100s every year by making your favourite coffee at home as opposed to hitting up a Starbucks, Tim Hortons, or whichever vendor is yours of choice.

With several single-serve coffee makers to choose from, which one’s the best option for you – that’s a question this article explores.

2 In 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker

Here is a little bit of what to look for in coffee makers and why investing in one just plain makes sense.


If you’ve never owned a coffee maker before, you may think you need more space than you actually do. A single-serve coffee maker gets its name because it makes a single service. Considering size, the maker doesn’t have to be any wider than the cup it intends to produce coffee for.

Single Pod v. Ground

Single pods are more convenient to use but more expensive per cup of coffee. For these, a K-Cup coffee maker is needed. Alternatively, ground coffee takes a little bit more effort but is very affordable. Consider what kind of coffee you like and what your morning routine will allow.


Some coffee makers in Canada have reservoirs that allow them to make multiple cups, even if they’re supposed to be a single-serve coffee maker. Ideally, a 3-cup reservoir is preferred but fewer may be alright if you are a single-person household or only intend to have one coffee per day.


Some coffee makers only do one thing. They offer a single option for coffee-making i.e. specializing in ground coffee. The LIVINGbasics coffee maker works with ground coffee and K-Cups as well. It’s an asset to have both available to you.


Coffee makers and pourers need to be cleaned after a certain while. As with anything, they accumulate debris which leads to bacteria growth. That will affect the taste of your coffee. Fortunately, a lot of modern-day coffee makers are built from dishwasher-safe plastics and stainless steel. Make sure of this before buying a model.

Auto Shut-Off

When a brew cycle is completed, the best coffee makers in Canada have an auto shut-off feature. This ensures the coffee isn’t overdone, there are no safety hazards present, and that your machine doesn’t pose a risk to itself.

There’s no shortage of brewing options in coffee makers, single-serve or otherwise. Find coffee makers and more from Living.ca. Whether you drink your coffee black or enjoy espresso, cappuccino, or a cold brew, find your optimum coffee maker today.

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