Why Use Self-Adhesive Wall Decals to Peel And Stick In Your Home

Peel-and-stick wall decals add something extra to the walls of your favourite room.

From a children’s bedroom to the kitchen, the right style decals can fit almost anywhere and are a genius hack around more expensive wall decorating methods.

Do Wall Decals Damage the Wall?

The most common question around self-adhesive peel-and-stick decals is whether they create any damage. The answer is no, wall decals will not damage your walls. Unlike paint and hooks, decals are easily applied and removed.

How Do You Apply Wall Decals?

The beauty of self-adhesive wall decals is how easy they are to apply. You peel. You stick. Nothing more has to happen. Apply it piece by piece. Ensure it’s flattened with your palm. A minute or two later, an entire wall section is covered in decals.

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Where Can You Put Wall Decals?

Wall decals are most known for application on walls. Understandably so. As long as you’re applying them on a smooth and non-porous surface, however, decals can be put anywhere. Windows, doors, mirrors, furniture, and laptops are all possible areas to put stickers.

Re-Design Your Room on a Budget

Create a whole new room out of an area that already exists. Peel-and-stick wall decals are the easiest way to infuse an uninspiring sad or dark space with something happy, lifting, and sensational.

Can You Put Wall Decals on Any Wall?

Normally, yes a wall decal can be fitted to any wall. That said, any bump, rough, or textured walls can cause issues. This is why it’s not recommended to apply self-adhesive wall stickers to any stucco or similar surfaces.

Can You Put Wall Decals over Wallpaper?

Though you can put self-adhesive wall stickers and decals over and on top of wallpaper, we wouldn’t recommend it. The risk that the wallpaper will peel is always there. You’re taking a gamble applying a decal on a surface such as wallpaper.

Will Wall Decals Peel the Paint When Removed?

Wall decals, when applied to old or compromised walls, can remove paint upon the decal’s removal. This usually happens when the paint is already flaky or in poor condition. If you intend to use wall decals and then remove them at a later date, consider moistening them first – such as with a steamer – which could help loosen them from the paint.

Wall decals are very, very easy to use. They can create almost any look and almost anywhere. They’re perfect for homeowners who want to do something crafty and different with their space. Check out wall decals this season from Living.ca.

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