6 of the Best Pet Supplies Black Friday Deals You Will Find in Canada

Black Friday is a highly anticipated day by people everywhere. Pet owners, in particular, see opportunity to save potentially $100s – or even $1,000s – on necessary pet supplies, fun pet accessories, and more.

Where can I find the best pet supplies Black Friday deals – check out Living.ca. Here’s where to start.

Pet Stroller

You may want to bring your puppy or cat out for a walk but are worried about them escaping your grasp.

A pet stroller cart is cute, trendy, and is a safe way to take your pet into new environments, maintaining their privacy and security the whole way.

Pet Toys

If you aren’t able to be home with your pets frequently enough to keep them active and entertained, pet toys are a must.

When it comes to pet toys and accessories, a pet owner should want something safe and that isn’t going to get chewed apart in minutes. On your Black Friday order, adding a few of your favourites is worth it.

Cat Tree

Cat Bed, Cat Towers, and Cat Scratching Posts

Cats get bored, like any other pet. They need something to do, a place to sharpen their claws, and somewhere to call their own.

A cat bed, cat tower, or cat scratching post is the perfect Black Friday gift to show your feline some love this winter.

Dog Beds, Dog Mats, Dog Carriers, and Dog Crates

Dogs are just like cats in the way that they should have their own space to feel safe and comfortable in.

A dog bed is a simple start but depending on your puppy, you may have other ideas. A dog crate’s an excellent way to train them. A dog carrier may be a helpful way to move your furry friend around.

Automatic Food Dispenser for Pets

An automatic pet feeder provides a way for you to feed your dogs and cats on a timer, programmable to 4 meals per day.

Maintain a healthy pet weight, control portions, and have some oversight over their diet throughout the workday or if you have to take a day trip somewhere.

Pet Leashes and Clothing

There are some very cute dog collars, pet leashes, and pet clothing out there on sale this Black Friday from Living.ca.

If you don’t want to spend a ton of money but still want to do something nice for your pets, spending on leashes and clothing can be very inexpensive. Look for the best prices. You won’t have to look far on Living.ca.

This Black Friday, check out pet supplies and more. Living.ca is launching its Black Friday sale early later this month. Many products have already been discounted. See ‘em on the page. Visit us today.

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