Do Your Holiday Gift Shopping this Black Friday and Save 100s from!

Just because we’re in the midst of a pandemic with no end in sight, it doesn’t mean Christmas and the holidays are cancelled this year.

If there’s one thing history has shown we do well in Canada, it is come together during times of need.

With the challenges Canada Post could be facing this year delivering more parcels than any previous year, it’s important to get holiday shopping done early and sent off to friends or family living far away. is pulling out all the stops this Black Friday and cutting prices, offering our best holiday deals weeks before we normally would.

There’s something on for everyone. Shop 1,000s of deals and save $100s. It’s a great opportunity to get a lot of your holiday shopping out of the way.

Especially if you’re ordering through an online shopping platform, this gives enough time to have the products arrive to you and then for you to send them off to their next destination.

  • Through the winter, discover the power of essential oils with an essential oil diffuser. Choosing and finding your favourite oils, get your home smelling like a garden of friendly delights!
  • A lot of us have coffee makers. What we don’t have are an espresso machine. If you’re buying for a coffee lover in your family or friends group and you know they enjoy the occasional cup of espresso, this could be the perfect gift to their kitchen.
Espresso Machine, Coffee Maker, 15-Bar Pump
  • has some great storage organizers on-sale for Black Friday that are worth it to consider for anyone who may have certain areas more disorganized than they care to admit. A multi-tier shoe rack, for example, is a fine way to instantly save space at an entranceway. Then, there’s a multi-tier over-the-toilet storage which makes use of the unused space above a bathroom essential. All great ways to tidy!
  • A handheld steam cleaner uses steam to clean everyday items, foregoing the need to employ toxic chemicals to get the job done. Steam cleaners aren’t just for clothes, furniture, and the kitchen. There are dozens of ways to use an item like this!
  • A Bluetooth smart scale is a super-trendy item this year. At a time when many of us are discovering the joys of living healthy and working out at home, a wireless step-on smart scale that syncs with your smartphone offers all sorts of readings to peruse.

Find these products and so much more at Now’s the time to save and shop your best holiday gifts!

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