7 Holiday Gifts for the Skincare Lovers You’re Buying For This Christmas

Skincare holiday gifts are just a click away. From serums to body butters, there’s a lot out there. Why not look at products like these and others as the ultimate gift for your loved ones this Christmas. Here are a few things that will them glow.

Face Masks

The biggest drawback about face masks that they can only be used once and then they’re tossed. Why face masks are so popular, however, is because they work. Whether it’s to hydrate, moisturize, clear away dry skin, or help with wrinkles, there are dozens of face masks to choose from.

Dr.Jart+® DERMASK™ Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution Deep Hydration Mask

Essential Oils

If you have someone who enjoys making skincare products at home DIY-style or who uses exclusively natural skincare products, essential oils can be a kind gift for them. Essential oils are applicable in skin rubs, moisturizers, and many beauty and skincare products.

Jade Crystal Facial Roller

If they aren’t already using a crystal facial roller, they will love finally having one. A roller is like a facial massage waiting to happen. A crystal roller will help to de-stress facial muscles which can end up very tensed at the end of the day, drain stagnations and lymph fluids, and help serums and moisturizers absorb.

Painless Hair Removing Device

Remove hair anywhere instantly with a fast, easy, and painless device. Using a built-in light as a guide, this painless hair removal device is a fine way to touch up imperfections without subjecting one’s self to riskier treatments.

Micro-Needling Derma Roller

A micro-needling derma roller is a favourite skincare product to a lot of people. They are commonly used to stimulate the skin in a natural way to produce more collagen. This reduces scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles in appearance, as well as addresses age spots, stretch marks, and imperfections of other types.

Makeup Mirror

A makeup mirror with LED lights is a key tool in the arsenal of any skincare aficionado. You’ve absolutely got to see what you’re doing when applying product or crafting your look. When lighting’s inefficient, a makeup mirror with a built-in light has everything you need.

Pimple Popper Kit

Though not the classic ‘holiday gift’, a pimple popper kit has all the tools a person needs to effectively and safely extract pimples from the skin. As one knows, not being careful with imperfections like these can easily create long-term damage on the skin’s surface.

Just because the holidays could be us in a bit of a lockdown-type scenario, it doesn’t mean someone can’t stay looking their best. Buy for the skincare-obsessed this holiday season, with Christmas gift deals and discounts from Living.ca.

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