Everything You Need to Know About Living.ca’s Boxing Day Sale 2020

Boxing Day sales are just around the corner. Many, many discounts are on 24-hour sale this December 26, 2020.

Living.ca is a Canadian-run brand that specializes in home products. Like the sorts of things you might find hanging around a kitchen, bedroom, living room, or bathroom, i.e. coffee makers, storage and organization products, lighting, and more.

From our experts to you, here are a few recommendations on where to look to find the right product at the right price.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

We know, we know. Holiday gift guides are so pre-December 25.

The advantage of looking here on Boxing Day is seeing deals on products that are likely more stocked than others. Brands like Living.ca are keen to move these out so that they can bring in new products. It’s a win-win for everyone.

New Products

Visiting the ‘New Products’ page, you get to see some of the trendiest gifts of 2020.

Though discounts may be slightly less, you can find something in this collection for everyone. Quality-made, premium products to set you up for a far better 2021 than 2020 could have ever been.

Fitness Accessories

The move away from gym memberships to home workout gear was a huge trend this year, something that many experts argue will only continue into the next twelve months.

See fitness Boxing Day deals you don’t have to look far for. Build your own home gym. Have a workout ready for whenever you want. Take charge of your health and get to achieving a healthier you.

Kitchen And Bathroom Fixtures

Are you keen to do some kitchen and bathroom renovations in 2021 – pick up some fixtures on discount.

Snap up some holiday season sales on kitchen and bathroom fixtures in a variety of styles, sizes, and aesthetics. When you buy ahead, you save money and it’s clear that no day will be more advantageous to buy on for the next six months than Boxing Day.


Chances are after all the money spent on Christmas, no one wants to be buying a couch, refrigerator, or any large pieces of furniture.

Boxing Day’s not about that. Here we are talking smaller piece of furniture that you may necessarily have thought about before.

See small furniture sales on things like storage organizers, ottomans, stools, bathroom medicine cabinets, night tables, convertible wall mount desks, benches, and more.

When it comes to Boxing Day deals in Canada, shoppers will hopefully look to brands like Living.ca. Here, a whole catalogue of 100s of price cuts are available. There’s a lot of good news across those pages and some great, great deals. This is just a little of what you can expect. Bookmark Living.ca today and get ready for Boxing Day in only a few short weeks!

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