Can A Touchless Trash Can Help Minimize the Spread of COVID-19 in Your Office?

Even as more Canadians get vaccinated, the threat of COVID-19 is still prominent in our communities.

As offices continue to re-open with adaptive work setups, we must do what we can to limit contact with problematic surfaces.

In office bathrooms and kitchens, tabletop and mounted automatic soap dispensers have minimized a common transfer zone.

There’s also another area of the office where every worker will eventually touch – the garbage can.

Fortunately, there’s a way around this. A smart induction automatic trash can uses a sensor identical to a soap dispenser. Anyone can use their hands to wave in front of the sensor and automatically, the lid of the garbage can opens. No contact needed. You instantly have eliminated another common at-risk surface.

Why A Touchless Trash Can is A Must-Have

This past summer, the CDC issued updated guidelines on how to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

On their comprehensive list of recommendations was the suggestion for offices to switch to touchless garbage cans.

This way, it’s hands-free operations. The lid opens and closes, trash is disposed of, and there’s no touching.

A high-quality smart trash can from is one of the best models in Canada and also affordably priced. It has three sensor modes – manual, knocking, and infrared motion. The battery’s powerful enough to last over 3,000 opens. On top of that, its 6L capacity makes it an easy decision to buy.

Where You Can Use An Automatic Trash Can

An automatic trash can works not only for public offices but for shared offices, hotel lobbies, restaurants, kitchens, bedrooms, public bathrooms, or any other location where you may have multiple people coming and going.

A no-touch trash can in any of these locations will be cleaner, safer, less messy, and a lot more hygienic. Add to this an odor filter or a natural odor killer and you can also absorb and eliminate any lingering smells.

All in all, it’s a win-win. An office manager can feel good about upgrading their trash management system and even tie it in with additional tech. There is plenty of other smart technology that can be added to one’s office, including single-serve coffee makers, video surveillance, electric kettles, humidifiers, and more.

Don’t let your guard down. Immunizations are coming but it’s going to take time. In the interim, protect yourself and those in your office against COVID-19 by reducing or outright eliminating risks one at a time. A garbage can with an infrared motion sensor facilitates easy lid opening and closing. Visit for more information and order yours today.

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