Daily Health Benefits of Coffee From Your Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Every few months, it happens again; another study on a new health benefit of coffee.

A controversial substance to some, however, caffeine and coffee are indeed very helpful when had in moderation.

Only 1-2 cups of coffee is all you need. As one of the world’s most commonly consumed beverages, we continue to learn so much about the impact coffee has on our health. As for what’s provable, here are some science-backed health benefits of coffee.

  1. Provides Energy

Coffee contains caffeine, a psychoactive substance and a stimulant. As caffeine is absorbed into your bloodstream and then into your brain, the neurons start firing in your brain and neurotransmitter production increases leading to less fatigue and more energy.

2. Lowers Diabetes Risk

Multiple studies have shown how regular coffee drinkers have a reduced risk of up to 67% of developing type 2 diabetes. It is unknown as to why this is.

3. Can Burn Fat

Caffeine is used in almost every commercial fat-burning supplement. It is one of the few non-synthetic substances that has been proven to contribute to fat-burning. Caffeine boosts metabolism by 3-11% and increases fat burning by up to 29% in some people.

4. Protects Your Liver

Your liver is a very, very important organ with 100s of functions in keeping your body safe and unpolluted. When your liver goes through enough abuse, it starts to create scar tissue. For some, cirrhosis sets in which is when the liver is replaced by mostly scar tissue. Coffee has been shown to protect against cirrhosis, sometimes by up to 80% in regular coffee drinkers.

5. Protect Against Dementia

Neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia have no known cure. Disease prevention is the only thing we know how to do to combat it. Multiple studies show how regular coffee drinkers have up to 65% of a lesser chance of developing dementia.

6. Protect Against Parkinson’s

Like dementia, Parkinson’s is also very difficult to treat and has no known cure. Again, coffee drinkers tend to have a significantly lower risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. In fact, risk reduction reaches 60% in some people.

7. Improves Exercise

A lot of people enjoy grabbing a cup from their single-serve coffee maker in the morning and hitting the gym. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system, breaks down body fat, and increases adrenaline in the body. A single cup of coffee has been shown to improve physical fitness performance by 11-12% on average.

8. Makes You Smarter

Numerous studies have shown how coffee temporarily improves various aspects of brain functioning, from memory to mood, reaction times, and general mental function.

9. Source of Nutrients

Coffee beans are a great source of several key nutrients for our bodies to take in. In every cup is riboflavin aka vitamin B2, pantothenic acid aka vitamin B5, manganese and potassium, and magnesium and niacin.

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