Benefits of An LED Shower Panel And Rainfall Shower Head For Your Bathroom

An LED shower head and panel is the ultimate shower experience. You may have already seen shower heads like these in stores. For the past decade, they’ve been revolutionizing how homeowners shower.

Though the rainfall shower head can be purchased separately, when combined with the LED paneling, the concept of showering is heightened even more. They’re futuristic, modern, and stainless steel.

If you’re doing a bathroom renovation or remodeling your shower, here are the benefits of an LED shower head.

LED Display

When your shower head has an LED display, it sets out visually the settings in front of you. This provides an inexperienced user the chance to adjust the experience for them, just like they do on a smartphone.

Installation is Easy

Though it has the appearance of being high-tech, installing an LED rainfall panel is so easy. No special skills or tools are needed beyond what’s included in the package and what’s typically used to install any regular shower head.

59” LED Shower Panel Rainfall Waterfall Shower Head with Body Jets – LIVINGbasics™

Long-Term Use

LED shower panels aren’t built cheap. What you receive is a high-quality design in stainless steel with a luxurious finish of a material such as brushed nickel or something similar. The way it looks coming out of the box should be how it looks for years to come.

Multiple Functions

A rainfall shower head doesn’t just give you the rainfall experience. Sometimes, you may want something different. That’s why LED digital shower panels and shower heads often have multiple functions built-in. These may include straightforward rainfall, massage jets, rainfall and massage jets, hand-shower, and tub spout.

59” LED Shower Panel Rainfall Waterfall Shower Head with Body Jets – LIVINGbasics™

You Still Have the Shower Hose

In a multi-person household, you may have some who prefer the shower hose. That’s ok. LED shower panels often incorporate a shower hose in the design and can be turned on in the settings.

Temperature Display

An interesting function on some LED shower panels is that the LED display shares the water’s temperature. Adjust according to comfort level or other preferences.

Body Jets

Some LED shower panels come with built-in body jets. The precise design of these jets varies by model. Body jets help to increase the relaxation in the shower and ensure you’re able to get cleaned in a timely manner.

Order Online And Get Free Shipping

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