Is A Contractor-Grade Telescoping Ladder Worth it? – See Here!

A telescoping ladder can extend upwards up to twelve feet high while also having the functionality to fold down to just a few feet of storage space.

It’s an impressive invention. A telescopic ladder, that is. It’s used by more contractors, saving space in service trucks and being more portable than any traditional steel ladder. Is buying a telescopic ladder worth it to the average homeowner – here’s why we think so.

Save Space

The most obvious benefit if you’ve never used one of these before and are just seeing it for the first time is that a telescopic ladder is going to save a ton of space. You can use the ladder, fold it back up when you’re done, and then, put it away in the closet for next time.

12.5ft Portable Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladder Retractable – LIVINGbasics


A high-quality contractor-grade aluminum telescopic ladder is made from the same material traditional ladders are made from. You aren’t getting any less in stability or strength in one. The difference is in the design, not the performance.

Easily Portable

Imagine dragging one of those big, cumbersome ladders around the house to do work. It’s inconvenient to the max. Don’t take the risk. Make it easier on yourself by using a retractable ladder that folds out and up when you need it, and back down when you don’t.

Simple Set Up

When you’re at a height, you want to know you’re safe. A portable retractable ladder like this incorporates a locking mechanism with each rung. These click into place effortlessly as you go along. This ensures every step you take is on a surface that’s stable and effortlessly in place.

Much Needed Help

Think about all the things you will be able to do with a contractor-grade telescopic ladder. Replace lightbulbs you’ve neglected, repaint the wall or ceilings, do some exterior or interior decorating, check in on your roof, wash windows, or do some annual building maintenance.

12.5ft Portable Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladder Retractable – LIVINGbasics

Good Height

The largest functional telescopic ladder reaches somewhere around 20 feet. That said, a homeowner doesn’t necessarily need to reach that high. A much more reasonable and affordable ladder can be bought with 10-12 feet of height which will reach somewhere around 3-4 meters high.

Is Used Widely

Telescopic ladders are seeing use in homes, offices, to gain access to rooftops, and to do work in high-ceiling buildings.

Fast, Free Shipping

If you buy a retractable telescopic ladder from, receive free shipping with no issue to anywhere in Canada.

Visit to see what contractors are using day-in and day-out to get their work completed. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for any homeowner. Featuring a professional-level engineered design, you won’t be disappointed with its safe, reliable performance. Buy a telescopic ladder for your home from today.

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