The Best Affordable Bathroom Faucets in 2021

A bathroom remodel deserves a high-quality, affordable bathroom faucet to match. Though trendy high-tech faucets and fixtures exist, they’re often priced for $100s more than what’s actually necessary for a detail like this.

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Here are a few top bathroom faucets in 2021 selected by our customers, perfect for your bathroom sink. Coming in a variety of styles and finishes, they’re all straightforward and each carrying their own benefits.

Hands-Free Basin Faucet

A hands-free basin faucet is totally touchless and automatic. It’s an easy, fast way to wash your hands and get out of the bathroom. This is the type often seen in hotels, public washrooms, commercial lavatories, and other areas. The build is done with a low-lead copper material.

Lead-Free Single-Handle Faucet

A lead-free single-handle faucet is your basic run-of-the-mill bathroom faucet. It is the best bathroom faucet price in Canada, with a single lever for flow and water temperature control. Made from lead free brass material.

Tall Body Bathroom Faucet

The tall body single-handle faucet is similar to the prior model mentioned with the difference in design being height. A tall faucet means you can get more underneath it, something which is important to someone who may be washing their head in the sink regularly.

Single-Handle Waterfall Faucet

The single-handle waterfall faucet comes in a few different looks and was built to minimize splashing. The extra-large rectangular spout allows the water to fall out very naturally in an effortless, comfortable delivery. One of the more pleasant bathroom faucet experiences available.

Lead Free Brass Single Handle Bathroom Basin Waterfall Faucet, Matt Black – LIVINGbasics™

Double-Handle Bathroom Faucet

This is your classic two-handle bathroom faucet – one for hot and the other for cold. Adjust temperature and volume as you feel. The all-around design is similar to other fixture types on this list, with the universal appeal of a double-handle being the attractant here.

Which One Will You Choose?

There are a lot of questions to ask yourself in terms of deciding what faucet is perfect for you.

Some enjoy choosing what’s popular and trendy but there are a few things to remember. Someone’s using these faucets every day. They have to work for you and for anyone else who might be using them. Price may be a guiding factor, as will size, shape, and material.

This year, check out bathroom faucets and more at See plumber-approved recommendations on faucets and fixtures for the bathroom, and select what’s most appropriate for the vibe you’re looking to achieve with your remodeling.

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