What You Can Do With A Wooden Balance Board for Exercise

A balance board doesn’t look like much. It’s a board covered in grips on an oval. It can fool anyone into thinking it’s not worth a second look.

But it is. A wooden balance board can do many things. It can help work out injuries, improve balance and posture, reduce back pain, and improve coordination. Add it to a few existing bodyweight exercises and that’s all you need.

Why is Balance So Important?

Instability forces you to stabilize yourself. It makes exercises more difficult without putting the muscles at risk of injury. To this point, you activate more muscles when you’re exercising on a wooden balance board. By far, you get a better workout.

Which Muscle Groups Does A Balance Board Target?

One may assume a balance board helps with the leg muscles more than anything but it’s the core muscles that get the best workout. Your core kicks in on any tilt, rotation, movement, or stabilization. From your core, you get better coordination, body awareness, and of course strength.

Wooden Balance Board Exercise Balance Stability Trainer – PHAT™

Wooden Balance Board Exercises

There are many balance board exercises you can do at home with your two feet and bodyweight.

– Squats to work your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.
– Lunges to work your calves, quads, and glutes.
– Incline and decline push-ups to tackle the pectorals, deltoids, and triceps.
– Straight arm planks
– Calf raises.

These five exercises are more than enough to get you started on your journey slowly getting stronger, better coordinated, and lighter on your feet.

How Do You Use A Fitness Balance Board?

A fitness balance board can be used in several ways. The key is that you get stability from the center. If you’re on one arm or one leg, you’re focusing on the center. If you’re working on two legs, spread out so that you use the tension from around the center to kick those important muscles into gear.

Wooden Balance Board Exercise Balance Stability Trainer – PHAT™

Will You Burn More Calories With A Balance Board?

What a supplement is to a healthy diet a stability training board is to your usual workout. You bolster your results, challenging your muscles in a way that’s not otherwise possible. You are adding more intensity on every rep, every lift, and every press. This burns more calories.

Even just standing on a balance board for 2-5 minutes is enough to challenge your stability. Attempt a few squats. If that’s all you can do on a balance board, that’s a start. As you get stronger – and you will – you’ll be able to do more.

For seniors, anyone looking to lose weight, or just someone looking to intensify their daily workouts, tap into the power of a wooden balance board. Order yours today alongside other fitness accessories if needed from PrimeCables.ca.

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