How to Use Storage Cubes in A Creative Way For Your Condo

Modular cube storage is more popular than ever. Most use it for their wardrobe or as a closet organizer. Cubes can be so much more than a wardrobe storage option. Check out these creative, functional ways to use modular storage in your condo.

Kids’ Toys

Kids’ toys strewn across the house make a terrible mess. A few modular shelves or storage organizers in select corners of a space provide more than enough area to at least keep toys contained but also easily accessible.

Book Storage

Anyone with a lot of books but without a place to put them may find modular storage an opportunity. A lot of this type of storage does have weight restrictions though so be careful to avoid loading them up.

Living Room Storage

Bins and organizers are a living room favourite, particularly in family homes or multi-roommate apartments. The benefit of modular cubes is that they can be attached in a custom configuration, fitted to the unique space that is your living room.

Bedside Table

A versatile weapon in home décor, these modular storage organizer cubes can be stacked beside your bed to form a makeshift bedside table or nightstand. They offer a lot of storage, without the bulkiness or lack of portability of a stationary table.

Office Closet

Are you stuck in a work-from-home situation you can’t shake – a lot are. Home office supplies, accessories, and paperwork add up. Whether it’s tech or paperwork, try a couple of modular shelves and some dividers to keep things organized.

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Home Theater Cabinet

While you can’t fit a flat-screen into modular interlocking cubes, you can use them for home theater storage. Here’s a place for you to put all the wires you aren’t using as well as gaming consoles, smart TV boxes, HDTV antennas, old DVDs or movies, and more. A beautiful and functional addition to your home theater, this is a sure way to keep things looking splendidly organized.

Bathroom Storage

Although most bathrooms are too small to fit modular cubes, don’t hesitate to have some organization immediately outside. Modular shelves and portable storage is great for towels, washcloths, and specific toiletries you don’t have space for inside the bathroom.

Cube Storage for Every Room

As we’ve mentioned earlier, cube storage can be broken up or attached in various ways. Assigning two or three cubes per room is a nice way to provide each space a theme in décor that’s consistent and functional.

What are you most passionate about – think of how storage can help. You never know how modular storage can fit into your bedroom, condo, or apartment. Visit today to order your favourite modular cube organizers.

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