The Best Ways to Organize in Small Spaces – Read Here!

A closet organizer is a healthy tool for categorizing one’s wardrobe. Even a portable wardrobe organizer, however, can get messy when we don’t take care of it or when we simply don’t understand how to organize our clothes.

Clothing Rack

If you’re fortunate enough to have a wardrobe organizer in your closet with a rack, use it. Otherwise, that’s vertical space that’s not going to get used. Now, if you don’t have a clothing rack, don’t worry! It’s not make or break.

Use Space Up And Down

Like we mentioned in the prior point, the best way to organize a wardrobe is to use all space available. To do this, you may have to install additional storage inside a portable organizer or closet space.

Stock Your Socks

A socks holder offers a brilliant design to put all your socks in and pack them away in separate cubbies. If you have different color socks or different types of socks, this is a fine way to keep everything organized and separate.

Arm’s Length

The ‘arm’s length’ theory is to put the clothes you use most often within arm’s reach. What you rarely use doesn’t have to be close to you. This means the center of your wardrobe organizer becomes the most popular area in your closet. Focus here on the items you will need most.

Seasons Change

Make it a point. Put it on your smartphone or write it on the calendar. At the start of every season, take a look at what’s included in your portable closet and where. You should re-arrange what’s where for accessibility.

Assemble Cubes the Right Way

A lot of these modular portable closets can be assembled in various formations. If you have a closet organizer like this, be open. Arrange the cubes where you want them, maximizing the available space. This may involve excessively high or wide setups, or unconventional shapes. Don’t worry about it! This is all about making you feel good and keeping your wardrobe accessible.

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LED Lighting

If you really want to improve the aesthetic you got going on with your storage shelving, try LED lighting. Some crafty lighting installed in key locations will help emphasize different aspects of one’s wardrobe.

Material Dividers

Sometimes a space in your wardrobe organizer will be simply too big. You may have clothing or accessories requiring a smaller storage option. For this, consider material dividers, material organization boxes, slide-in boxes, or other means of sectioning off a storage cube.

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