How to Use a Dog Grooming Kit at Home

Dogs and puppies can be tough cookies when it comes to brushing them, clipping nails, and grooming.

Some don’t mind it, others hate it. If your dog’s having a little trouble, the problem is you’ve absolutely got to do it. You’ve got to find a way to get through it. Here are a few helpful tips.

Do it Quick

If your dog hates it, be careful with what you’re doing but don’t waste time doing it. If you’re cutting a dog’s nails, don’t beat around the bush about it. Focus on the task, keep them calm, and get through it.

Talk to Them

Hearing your voice is a comfort to your pet. Talk them through what you’re doing or tell them a story. As they’re listening to your voice, this will work as both a distraction and as a way to keep them comfortable.

Feed Them

Some dogs are be easily distracted by food. Try to encourage positive behaviour by giving puppy treats after every little bit cut. If you’re cutting nails, for example, give them a treat after every few nails cut.


Tapping is a psychological strategy used in pets and human beings to calm them down, distracting their thoughts as they process certain emotions. Tap your puppy on the chest gently with a finger as you use a professional dog grooming kit. For some, this helps to keep them calm while you do your work.

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Know when to stop. When a dog’s truly panicking and you’ve already finished 50% of what you wanted, sometimes it’s best to let them loose and stop. Return to it later in the day or try again tomorrow. Don’t feel like you failed. You do as much as you can until your little pup-pup can’t tolerate it anymore.

Buy A New Kit

Some dogs may hate the look, feel, and sound of certain clippers. A way to work around this is to change the product. Buy new dog nail clippers. Ensure they are distinctly different from the old pair. This will give you the chance to re-establish the process of grooming and try to breed into them positive behaviours.

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Identify the Problem

Every dog is different and if yours is having trouble with allowing themselves to be groomed, identify what the issue is. Some don’t like being restrained and you’ll have to adjust how you hold them or the angle at which you work. Some don’t want their paws touched. Others hate the feeling of being combed or having their nails clipped. Then, others hate the sound of the nail clippers. If there’s a way to change what you’re doing to accommodate them, do it.

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