Hula Hoops for Exercise is the Latest Workout Trend in 2021

Hula hoops on TikTok, Instagram, and in home gyms are trending this year in a big way. An accessible home workout awaits with your hula hoop in one hand and your smartphone in the other.

Why Hula Hoops for Exercise Are Popular

Hula hoops are fun. They’re more affordable than any home gym equipment. They’re also stimulating visually.

You may have seen hula hoop workout tutorials on YouTube or hula hoop TikTok dancing at different points in the last year. Though they may seem ridiculous to some, the visual hardly scratches the surface of what a hula hoop does.

A hula hoop for exercise strengthens the core, moves the joints and hips, and is a pretty good cardio workout.

Benefits of Hula Hoops for Fitness

Hula hoops will not only strengthen your core and get you moving but it’s a way to combine strength training and cardio.

You raise your heart rate, burn calories, and don’t have to do any of it while acclimating to workout equipment you don’t know how to use. It all starts with a swivel of the hips.

Smart Detachable Hoola Hoop With Bluetooth by MobileApp Motion Tracking & Interactive – LIVINGbasic™

A hula hoop for fitness is also very low-impact. You aren’t putting stress on your joints in any way. You can control the movement as you see fit and adjust what you’re doing any time there’s discomfort. It’s an adaptable workout anyone can use.

Even if you hate normal exercise, a hula hoop is fun. You can do it with friends and make it something special.

How to Use A Hula Hoop for Home Workouts

You have a lot of different ways to use a hula hoop. Though you can use a lesser-quality type, a Bluetooth hula hoop syncs up with your smartphone and monitors things like motion tracking, workout efficiency, and more.

A Bluetooth hula hoop is almost like playing a fitness-style video game. The smart hoop has programs and data monitoring inside of its app. You can see in real-time how you’re doing.

Smart Detachable Hoola Hoop With Bluetooth by MobileApp Motion Tracking & Interactive – LIVINGbasic™

If you want to mix things up above the usual hula hoop work, there are a long list of hula hoop exercises you can try. From side stretches to forward stances, ninja passes, halos, lunges, and a wide variety of squeezes.

As if all that wasn’t enough, a high-quality hula hoop can be assembled and disassembled. Travelling’s now no excuse to stop exercising.

Spice up your day-to-day exercise routine. Add a hula hoop and you’ll be shocked at the core strength you can build. Tone up from home with one of 2021’s top fitness craze. Visit to pick up a smart hula hoop and other fitness accessories.

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